Monday, November 23, 2015

Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG), the Ramifications of an Ongoing E.coli Outbreak Analyzed...

A Larger Number of Chipotle restaurants still Unsafe to Dine at due to the Harmful Bacteria "Shiga toxin-producing E.coli O26 (STEC O26)" that 1st Appeared on the West Coast but just recently We Learned that this Bacteria has been Linked to Illnesses Across the Entire U.S. from the Midwest to New York. 

What Motivated Ms. Katie Reilly with Reuters to Write a Complimentary Piece about Chipotle on Saturday is Disturbing, yet Odd things Occur during Times of Crisis when Billions of Dollars and Brand Reputation are on the Hook. Katie's Jovial Piece Claimed that She spoke to some Chipotle Customers and found that they are Undeterred by the E.coli Outbreak, telling her that their Main Reason for Eating the Food is because It's Fresh. Asinine and Bordering on Highly Suspicious Media, Buzz? You Decide by clicking here.

The Food Source(s) that is now Responsible for Umpteen Violent Illnesses Remains a Mystery. Until the Scientists from the U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) Identify the Food/Menu Item/Source that is Causing this Nightmare Outbreak, 45 Victims in 6 States Currently with 16 having being Hospitalized, Chipotle's Reputation is Likely Plummeting from Day to Day.

Saturday's Bogus Press Releases that Many will Interpret as an Underhanded Deception in Order to somehow Try to Hoodwink the Public is Troubling. 

And a Critically Important Nugget No Wall Street Analyst has even Touched is Whether Chipotle's Food Outbreak is being Caused by  Contaminated (Accidental), or Adulterated Food (Wilful/Wanton Misconduct).

If We Find Out that Chipotle's Food was Adulterated by some Evil Doer(s), this would Spark a Criminal Investigation and perhaps Cause Diners Who Decided to Turn their Backs to become more Sympathetic in the long-run and come back.

The Healing Curves of Contamination versus Adulteration will be very Different for All Involved with Chipotle. Yet Regardless, Investors Should Remain Pained for the next Several Quarters at least as the company Admitted that Same Store Sales Growth would Slow to the Single-Digits in this Quarter and that Guidance was Given Before the E.coli Outbreak News was Disseminated.  

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