Sunday, April 24, 2011

NFLX Trade Alert Closed for Purchase ..

We sent all subscribers a PFF ratio options Trade Alert on NFLX at 10:20AM ET Monday, April, 25.

We thank all subscribers and those who purchased the Alert.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

F5 Trade Alert Closed for Purchase ..

This F5 Networks Inc. (FFIV) TA was sent Wednesday, April 20th. @ 8.20 AM PT and will be available for purchase until 11.00 AM PT. If you would like to purchase, please use the PayPal link to the right.

Q2 Fundamental Preview:
Earnings Whisper ®: $0.90
Consensus EPS Est: $0.86  
Consensus Rev Est: $284M 
Release Date: 4/20 Aft Close
Q1 Conference Call link

When you receive the FFIV TA,  patiently review our trade thesis and then trade 'accordingly'.  Though we usually suggest naked positions with specific months and strikes,  some choose to use our analysis and enter spread trades or go in the opposite direction.

POTC believes that traders who subscribe to quality services increase their chances of entering profitable trades.

TAs include many off-the-beaten path facts that are either ignored,  overlooked,  hidden/buried too deep for today's busy professional to uncover.

If you're not a subscriber,  you may buy this FFIV TA through Paypal in the right margin.  With a quarterly purchase for $500.00,  you will receive a "Welcome Letter" and very short questionnaire.  The questionnaire's purpose is to better understand your experience and risk tolerance.

Our services are tilted toward the accredited and aggressive investor.  Our TAs are designed for large gains (100%+) overnight or calculated losses as we urge subscribers to trade within agreeable loss parameters/limits.

We send every subscriber 11 Commandments that spell out the fundamentals of aggressive trading we believe every trader must follow to increase chances at consistency and long-term success.

POTC cannot ensure every TA will strike gold. Though we do guarantee our services will be educational and when right,  you will appreciate the depth and difference of our research.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

GOOG Trade Alert Closed for Purchase ..

GOOG reports Q1 earnings today (April 14th) after market close.  For those who are not subscribers yet,  please use Paypal in the right margin for next week's Trade Alert.

GOOG Preview for Q1 Ending March 2011:
Earnings Whisper ®: $8.78
Consensus Earnings Estimate: $8.12
Consensus Sales Estimate: $6.32B

Link to Q1 conference call Thursday at 4:30 PM ET.

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