Friday, March 3, 2017

Top IT Minds Flying to Twitter and about to Descend in Droves, Change is being Orchestrated~

CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey has never felt more pressure to Act than Today. He must initiate and oversee the boldest operational changes to date. The changes must be Twitter-centric and accelerate global brand recognition especially during any Live event whether it's related to the NFL or PGA in the U.S. or Cricket matches in India, the platforms must be user friendly with Twitter-centric competitive barriers to entry. 

If the Creator of Twitter is taking aggressive Corrective Actions, Interviewing and Hiring the best IT and Marketing brainiacs and Rewarding them with large upfront bonus money / recruitment checks in addition to very fat salaries and stock option grants if they Program like Eddie Snowden or exceed high internal Quarterly and Yearly Sales targets as Twitter has the potential to Monetize an astronomical number of local and global events that are in a state of constant Churn and Repetition.

There always are Exciting and often controversial Live events Live events Ahead of Us whether planned or not. The World Cup of Soccer, are you paying Attention @Jack, comes around every 4-years, the hotter than ever U.S. Presidential election fights that come around roughly every 3.3-years as primaries are no longer to be taken lightly. Did you hear that Bernie and Ted? The wise CFO's usually play the Expectations game with WS analysts by guiding Lower, perhaps from 6% - 10% lower than internal Sales goals and then hopefully over-delivering when actual results are posted. This type of financial management of numbers almost always works to Gap share Price higher which makes for more positive news headlines and keeps shareholders interested. The opposite would be to always report as expected / guided which is often a screaming Tell of a mature company, unable and uninterested in the Hypergrowth phenomenon that trailblazing / new sector companies do experience, and it all starts with a demanding and forward-thinking CEO who cares ... perhaps like Elon Musk? As much as we know many hate green anything, POTC believes TSLA's batteries will gain faster traction than 75% of WS analysts estimate. 

We feel that Jack Dorsey has never been more committed to witnessing a Twitter turnaround. We predict that Dorsey is not waiting any longer but at this very moment taking full Advantage to leverage Twitter's global brand recognition that was seeded on March 21, 2006 - hence the company will turn 11-years young in just over 2-weeks from this writing. Could the "double 1's
", 11-year Anniversary mark 1 or 3 paradigm shifting events that were "In Twitter's cards" since 2006 and Dorsey is Wiser or luckier than most shareholders now believe, we think Yes. The latest chain of negative events happened for a reason, the Timing is ripe for @Jack to take his Social Media experiment to the next level of Monetization. 

We've read nearly every opinion article over the last couple of months, weeks, and especially days and we can't recall another $10B market weight equity, social media or unrelated, that was painted with such an ominous tilt with the main argument being current Valuation. And were there not a large pack of Netflix (NFLX) Bears created by a very similar Valuation thesis that fingered unsustainable cost of content? NFLX carried a market cap of $10B for quite a long time just as TWTR Today. And how about Yelp! (YELP), wasn't that stock Marked for a Death Spiral the day Zuckerberg decided to aggressively compete, putting YELP into a penalty box that would force such fast and deep margin erosion shares would plunge into the single-digits within 2-Quarters if not sooner. FB wouldn't make this power play for any short-term financial benefits. The Financial strangulation of YELP would have a much greater chance if YELP were to best 100% of the WS estimates on both Top and Bottom lines.

FB's larger and more addicted User base along with its slightly more impressive breadth of services and hungrier Executive brass creates a fulfilling environment Loop - an open-net opportunity for cross-marketing and Up-selling YELP's clients anything 'n everything they exhibit interest in via texts, FB comments, posts, and now those high-quality, crisp Instant Messenger voice calls have stripped the new generation of their Privacy - Hadoop-poop-poop

But who cares about Privacy "as long as they're not doing anything illegal" is the piss-poor Excuse from the socialized media's corporate Brasses and we're not going to play 

too much longer inside any box Adulterated by 'American' hypocrites who Impress many with their billions while 80% railed against Trump. Wise forward-thinkers could argue that prostitutes and their pimps make a more honest Buck than the Executive Snoops who reward their underlings with tens of millions in dollars or stock grants if their coding abilities reveal them to be Top Notch Internet Marketing Peepers - Hadoop-poop-poop ~ poop

And IF Privacy should only be a concern to people doing illegal things how would this picture be Explained

The Zuck-meister!

Regardless of the twisted politics at these social media companies, we think TWTR's worst days have passed and we expect the stock to rally above $20.00 within 1-month and that's with modeling for a 5% - 12% broad market correction Upon Us Now. Friday the 10th should be one bloody day for bulls, yet as Traders we need Volatility so we will be cheering when that correction finally hits. As for TWTR, who better than Dorsey to demand hard line Operational Improvements. Dorsey co founded Twitter back in 2006 - so when the calendar books turn to the March 21st page (in 17-days), the stock will celebrate its 11th anniversary. In human years Twitter is just a tweener who just a few years back was experiencing teething pain. Tweet Tweet~

And it's absolutely normal for even the most Loyal of shareholders, inside the TWTR flock, to be Angrier than Ever. And the Timing appears more forceful when we juxtaposed improving Price Action next to the Titanic bad opinions of the supposed Experts, WS anal-ysts.

Snapchat's (SNAP) hugely successful IPO yesterday, (March 2, 2017) directly related to its 250% larger market capitalization than TWTR, in addition to other brain bleed ratios like Price/Sales have forced CEO Dorsey to Implement Plan 001-B ASAP.

We expect very expensive yet very necessary Marketing and Programming talent that will Monetize Live feeds by leveraging new software applications and platforms to land at Twitter within days. not weeks.

So then will Dorsey's $7M stock purchase just 1-week ago be considered lucky or calculated? We argue both lucky and calculated and say no more.
A confusing future is how many felt about the stock after its earnings release just 2-weeks ago, yet @Jack #Seer did not panic 'n fold but stepped up and bought $7M of stock even as he knew Snapchat was about to compete for social media dollars because its IPO was Imminent. 

SNAP's nearly 300% fatter market cap, as Trading resumed on Friday, was the last broken wing Dorsey ever wanted TWTR to suffer. Live Tweet Monetization is Coming to a gadget in your pocket. 

Just Hashtag It~

Thursday, March 2, 2017

EXACT Sciences (EXAS) "Cup 'N Handle" Chart is Bullish

Greetings to All POTC readers,

2-yr weekly Illustrates a "Cup 'n Handle" - Imminent Breakout Expected~