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Cheers to Jim Cramer, Street.com, Fast Money, Motley Fool, Minyanville, and Seeking Alpha as We Anticipate a Profitable 2012:

Q1 Focus List:

Q1 will have a minimum of 5 Trade Alerts, at least 3 will be Post Earnings Trade Alerts (PETA).

PETAs are sent Red-Eye (midnight ET). Please review the entire write-up and be prepared to trade on market open.

PETAs are sent after earnings, so the options could be less expensive and offer a better risk-reward set-up than trading ahead of earnings with large premiums. 

Most traders think they have missed out when a stock is up or down 5%+ post report, but that initial move is often only the beginning of something special. For clarification between a PFF ratio TA and a PETA, please go to the right margin.

PFFs and PETAs require several 12+ hour days of studying financial statements, rewinding conference calls, interpreting key news developments, technicalspolitics, macro factors, and the underlying psychology of price. Our goal is to send subscribers educational, aggressive, non-biased, well researched, and profitable write-ups.

 POTC remains firmly rooted in fiscal conservative principles. No bloated government agencies, bailouts, and stimulus packages is the mantra of our Capitalist Pig Bob (CPB). Darwinian free-markets with less fees and regulations are paramount to experiencing growth in GDP, and paradigmal business cycles; whether Railroads, Autos, Mining, or Telecoms, they all brought on the great economic cycles of prosperity.

Yet the advent of faster Computer Chips/Hardware, Software, and the Internet has leveled the global playing field. These technological 'advancements' are open for debate as to whether they are good or bad for cyclical prosperity. We think it varies from sector to sector, with some good and some bad paradigms evolving. Perhaps the regenerative medicine  sector will be the greatest beneficiary of this digital society.

Since more countries have the nuclear bomb, getting out of hard economic times by relying on the Drums of War doesn't work anymore. Guerrilla warfare and Drone technology are the reality on our nuclear planet, yet countries like North Korea having the bomb makes the world a dangerous place, especially for the residents of Seoul, South Korea. 

We are excited with the approaching 2012 Presidential campaign and election. CPB believes the U.S. will drown in mediocrity if our politicians continue to rail against Wall Street with their left hands while collaborating with their right. Donkeys and Elephants alike are to blame here, so you won't ever read that POTC supports any animal that bailed out Wall Street. If CPB had his way, men like Jon Corzine and Bernard Madoff would go straight from the courtroom to the live cable pay-for-view broadcast of the caning board. 

The average businessman is more confused on what future policies will cost him/her; that is the major driver behind the stagnant business and consumer psychology in our opinion. Capitalist Pig Bob wants to see Obamacare and Dodd-Frank fixed. Perhaps when the GOP candidate opens up a double-digit lead in Q2 that will be the beginning of some powerful themes in banking and health care. 

The $500M+ loss in Solyndra as well as the NY Congressional seat should have jarred this Administration. Capitalist Pig Bob was of that opinion after Scott Brown's victory and was proven wrong. Obama's actions post Brown were extremely partisan, and Obama care passed against the will of most Americans. Mandating anyone buy anything, including health care is a clear violation of the 10th Amendment. Obama's actions have been  troubling,  especially considering the November midterm 2010 Tea Party rout.

Everyone who buys a Yearly subscription will receive our #1 stock to go long and #1 stock to go short through July of 2012. 

Shrewd global political forces will influence legislation or lack thereof in the weeks and months ahead. These forces will be especially evident as the January 28th Q4 GDP number posts at 9:30 am ET. 

Every POTC subscriber will be informed ahead of all major market moving economic data from U.S., China, Europe, and India, with weekend S&P Market Timing/Directional Alerts throughout 2012.

Obama's bloated government ensures extended suffering for the private sector. CPB  despises this Administration's economic team as well as the FOMC's insistence on printing 'mo money.' A 0% interest rate policy has done nothing to heal banking or real estate psychology.

The cheap price of money has not helped stop the real recession in housing and employment. Low interest rates and quantitative easing have created the right atmosphere for growth, yet the businessman and consumer remains confused and scared as a result of too many regulations on the horizon. 

The past decade's string of bad events (stock market bubble of 2000, Enron, Arthur Andersen, and WorldCom collapse, 9/11 Terrorism, Wars, real estate collapse post 2003, Bailouts, and Stimulus in conjunction with emergence of technological efficiencies of the Internet, microprocessors, servers, smart phones, and now tablets) has put the entire world in a socioeconomic headlock. Getting a little dirt on your hands, through labor, has been lost and minimized to men trying to outmaneuver each other through any means other than real physical labor.  

The emergence of an uneven manufacturing playing field in terms of lower wages in the East, and the pegging of the Chinese Yuan to the U$D is an ongoing socioeconomic pickle.

How China unwinds this peg and avoids inflation will be a case study for generations to come. And if they don't unwind soon and U.S. GDP  posts < 2.5%+ in 2012, it could spring social unrest in countries like China and potential revolutions in orbital economically weak Euro countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. This year's (2012) election in Greece is sure to rock the global markets, are you paying attention? 

Growth is the key, and how does the U.S. grow GDP when countries are pirating our goods and paying their citizens a much lower relative wage? It's likely the hard working Chinese will stand-up for higher wages if food inflation does not subside in 2012. 

The world is facing very complex socioeconomic issues literally in the weeks and months ahead. Our team is prepared to analyze these comeuppances and send profitable trade suggestions as they arise. Are you excited and on board with us for 2012?

The average Chinese manufacturing wage is around $2.50/hour compared to U.S. $16.00/hour, a 540% difference. The Yuan peg to the U$D is no doubt a major thorn and reason the U.S. has anemic GDP and employment outlooks.

The latest banking crisis crippling Europe reminds us of 2008 on a smaller scale. And we see a silver lining as the S&P holds above 1,200 even as these gaping structural banking faults are exposed. Our goal is to send aggressive and profitable trade suggestions with excellent risk reward parameters clearly spelled out. Yes, we do recommend subscribers use limit orders and electronic sell stops. 

Every subscriber receives our 11 Commandments that highlight aggressive  trading wisdoms and some Commandments apply to traditional cash accounts. The 11 Commandments  remind that scientific trading parameters must be used in order to book profits more consistently. 

The aggressive trader must be nimble and defensive in order to be successful over time, two traits that are difficult to learn when greed is tempting us to act irrationally from hour to hour. We teach you to avoid over-trading and forcing trades, two mortal sins of investment finance.

We always suggest strict entry and exit parameters, whether booking profits or taking losses in stride.

Subscribers to the blog are a diverse bunch since 2008: United States, India, China through  U.S. citizenship, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil,  Philippines, Canada, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Bahamas, Argentina, and Mexico.

Our individual stock option Trade Alerts and S&P Market Timing Alerts attempt to peg direction correctly. And if you enjoy trading the S&P e-minis (ES), Gold (GC), or Crude Oil (CL) futures, you should be very satisfied with your subscription to POTC, perhaps even more so than some of today's expensive Financial Advisors where your account is often times simply a number without a face. 

We are humbled by your trust and ready to slay the market in Q1, 2012. Let's Roll Down Wall Street together, patiently and as patriots looking forward to crowning Barry with a one-term asterisk on November 6, 2012. 

Capitalist Pig Bob : /

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~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012~