Monday, May 11, 2015

Yelp Take-Under the Only Possibility Today, STOP and Look Both Ways Please! May 11, 2015

After digging for credible information regarding Yelp's 'For Sale' sign we called and spoke with 3 employees at Amazon, Yahoo!, and Priceline. 

The Amazon contact said that 'Yelp's public disclosure was the exact opposite of what a Co does if they want to negotiate fairly. He said 'the stock's 25% rise will not last because of the ridiculous tactic used in announcing a potential sale'. 

Our contacts at Yahoo! and Priceline had slightly different opinions on interest in buying Yelp but the guy at Yahoo! also expressed concern with the recent stock spike which he blamed on Goldman.

The conversations we had on Friday could be a clue that Yelp's market-cap must be closer to where it was before the spike, $38.00 - $40.00. And then just 1 out of the 3 companies could become more serious in tucking what was described as a 'struggling asset with strained leadership'.

Always watching out for the Individual Trader's Best Interests,