Friday, April 26, 2013

LinkedIn (LNKD) Post Earnings Educational Trade Alert (PEETA)

Coming Friday Red-Eye, May 3, at 12 am ET U.S. All subscribers will receive this 6 1/2 hour to expiration PEETA.  

LNKD will release Q1, 2013 results after market close on Thursday, May 2 and host a live conference call at 5 pm ET.  

Earnings per share whisper stands at $0.40 with Sales of between $295M - 366.8M.
Do you remember how the top and bottom lines posted last Q, do you remember why shares exploded higher? 
If you are not a subscriber but interested in this educational stock option strategy, please buy it through Paypal in the right margin for $200.00.

We pegged AMZN's post earnings direction correctly on Friday, April 26. Our confidence in calling LNKD's direction was never better. We've studied and listened to the co's conference calls several times and are excited to send you another informative and actionable PEETA.

LinkedIn Corporation (LNKD) is a professional network on the Internet with more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Through the Company’s platform, members are able to create, manage and share their professional identity online, build and engage with their professional network, access shared knowledge and insights, and find business opportunities. Its platform provides members with solutions, including applications and tools, to search, connect and communicate with business contacts, learn about career opportunities, join industry groups, research organizations and share information. Its members create profiles that serve as their professional profiles and are accessible by any other member, as well as anyone with an Internet connection.

Jeff Weiner, Chief Executive Officer

Jeff Weiner is the CEO of LNKD, the world’s largest and most powerful network of professionals. Jeff joined the company in December 2008, and under his leadership, LNKD has rapidly expanded its global platform to 19 languages and 26 offices around the world, grown its membership base from 33 million to more than 200 million members and increased its revenue more than tenfold to $972 million in 2012. Before LNKD, Jeff was an executive in residence at Accel Partners and Greylock Partners, where he advised the firms’ consumer technology portfolio companies and evaluated new investment opportunities. Previously, Jeff served as executive vice president of Yahoo!'s Network Division, a business that generated $3 billion in annual revenue with more than 3,000 employees and responsibility for many of the company’s consumer-facing and industry-leading products. Prior to joining Yahoo! in 2001, Jeff spent more than six years at Warner Bros., where he helped oversee the company’s online efforts and developed the initial business plan for Warner Bros. Online in 1994. Jeff holds a BS in Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
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Saturday, April 20, 2013

PEETA on (AMZN) Scheduled

Coming Red-Eye, Friday, April 26 at U.S. 12 ET.

This controversionally valued Internet Retail giant will release Q1, 2013 earnings on Thursday, April 25, after market close.

If you are not a subscriber but interested in this educational option alert please buy it through Paypal in the right margin for $200.00. 1-Year subscriptions are $1,500.00.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

We Respect Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass for his Fiscal Conservative Views; but We did Call Gold Lower and many Subscribers Booked 700%+ Returns while Bass was in Direct Opposition...

Hedge fund guru Kyle Bass on gold: April 9, 2013.

Fund: Hayman Capital Master
Manager: Kyle Bass
Management Firm: Hayman Capital Management
Strategy: Event driven
Assets, in billions: $1.0
2011 return: 1.8%

source: Bloomberg

Sent to POTC subscribers on March 18, 2013

We are building a X% portfolio position in the NEM May $35 puts.

We will build the position over the next 3-days. 

Our thesis is that gold is over-owned and the stagger-step unwind is upon us. We predict a S/P pullback has also begun and gold will fail.

Most miners are in a precarious position today, NEM's hefty dividend should be under pressure as the co reports in just over a month. Our plan is exit out of 50% of our put contracts after the position doubles.

Many subscribers booked 700%+ returns on Monday, April 15, 2013. 

Though we agree with Bass on many political issues,  the breakdown in gold in the face of weak U.S. economic statistics should have been a warning flag for him; especially after the Large and Round number of $1,500.00 was taken out. 

The S/P has been more volatile lately as a group of money managers have become too cozy in gold; the recent and large % drop will force many of them to rejigger portfolios and  stir volatility; even as the Fed buys $80 billion of Treasuries a month.  

POTC has followed Bass since 2008 and will continue as he made a killing in the 2008 Banking and Credit crisis. Yet we wish the TV media monopolies would give a tad more time to lesser known sources like the team at Psychology of the Call (POTC).

We called the top in crude oil to the day in the summer of 2008 and now we warned about gold. If you would like to read what we wrote, email us with 'Oil' in the subject line:

Thanks for telling a friend about our Post Earnings Educational Trade Alert (PEETA) efforts.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Upcoming Post Earnings Educational Trade Alerts (PEETA): Google Inc. (GOOG) and Intuitive Surgical Inc. (ISRG)

Email all questions to:

GOOG and ISRG will post Q1, 2013 earnings on Thursday, April 18th after market close. Every subscriber will receive a Red-Eye PEETA on one or both cos. 

We believe that the #1 option trading strategy is to position post earnings fallout or market jarring news with just a single day expiration.

A Thoroughbred PEETA is one that triggers news after market close on Thursday and Friday is weekly or monthly option expiration; a 6.5 hour window is all we need. 

We enter with calculated electronic limits after comparing the results, listening to the conference call (esp Q&A), and handicapping the talking herd.

After decades of trading experience and thousands of Red-Eye hours spent reviewing fundamental and technical factors, our bullish or bearish call results. A stock could only do three things after earnings release:
1.) Continue the after hours reaction (sometimes with a morning fake as FFIV did),
2.) Reverse the after hours reaction (sometimes with a morning fake), or
3.) Trade sideways.  

We have found that #3 rarely occurs after a stock is up or down more than a certain % following earnings release. 

Thanks for Reading, Educating, Trading, and Telling your wise friends about our efforts,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

F5 Networks (FFIV) PEETA Update: Quick Profits; Subscribers Once Again Stand Apart from the Wall & Broad Crowd...

Congrats to all who booked 100% profits within 1-hour:
1.) Our PEETA Buy Limit put order triggered within 10-minutes of open as shared whipsawed with fear & greed,
2.) Our trusted 4th Commandment instructed us to pounce on profits.

FFIV was the 1st PEETA of this Q2. We will do 3 more and 4 for all who responded to our Friday riddle regarding the likely Q2 trading theme as a result of the pre-announcement.

Trading Nuggets to be Logged from FFIV:
1.) Trust in POTC's educational research and Limit parameters from time to time,
2.) If you have 100% gains inside a 6 1/2 hour window, strongly consider booking a larger % than the 4th Commandment suggests, yet..
3.) Always leave a small % of contracts on just in case the stock continues to break your way. You will be happy if you always let small % of contracts ride as one big continuation/move like GOOG in Q3 (2,000%+) puts things in mathematical perspective.
4.) FFIV stayed profitable for us all day though the largest gains came early, underscoring that quick success demands booking profits inside a small 6 1/2 hour window.   
5.) You must stand apart from the wildebeest crowd at all times, this FFIV PEETA was proof that managing Time is as  important as managing Price.

Thanks for Reading, Educating, and Trading with us,

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Red Cloud Over Seattle as F5 Networks (FFIV) Slashes Q2 Forecast

All subscribers will receive a Post Earnings Educational Trade Alert on FFIV at midnight ET, Red-Eye tonight.

We have studied FFIV many times and believe we have the technical and fundamental smarts to profit inside a 6 1/2 to expiry window. We will attempt to leverage the April WEEK1 options.

Get Psyched,