Sunday, April 7, 2013

F5 Networks (FFIV) PEETA Update: Quick Profits; Subscribers Once Again Stand Apart from the Wall & Broad Crowd...

Congrats to all who booked 100% profits within 1-hour:
1.) Our PEETA Buy Limit put order triggered within 10-minutes of open as shared whipsawed with fear & greed,
2.) Our trusted 4th Commandment instructed us to pounce on profits.

FFIV was the 1st PEETA of this Q2. We will do 3 more and 4 for all who responded to our Friday riddle regarding the likely Q2 trading theme as a result of the pre-announcement.

Trading Nuggets to be Logged from FFIV:
1.) Trust in POTC's educational research and Limit parameters from time to time,
2.) If you have 100% gains inside a 6 1/2 hour window, strongly consider booking a larger % than the 4th Commandment suggests, yet..
3.) Always leave a small % of contracts on just in case the stock continues to break your way. You will be happy if you always let small % of contracts ride as one big continuation/move like GOOG in Q3 (2,000%+) puts things in mathematical perspective.
4.) FFIV stayed profitable for us all day though the largest gains came early, underscoring that quick success demands booking profits inside a small 6 1/2 hour window.   
5.) You must stand apart from the wildebeest crowd at all times, this FFIV PEETA was proof that managing Time is as  important as managing Price.

Thanks for Reading, Educating, and Trading with us,

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