Thursday, April 24, 2014

This Anti Fossil Fuel Obama Administration has Decimated Walter Energy (WLT)

Walter Energy, Inc.
3000 Riverchase Galleria
Suite 1700
Birmingham, AL 35244

WLT's shares outstanding:62.58M
WLT's float:62.23M
Percentage held by Insiders:0.40%
Percentage held by Institutions:102.40%
Shares short as of Mar 31, 2014:32.83M
Short ratio as of Mar 31, 2014:4.10
Short Percentage of float as of Mar 31, 2014:52.70%
Shares short prior month, April:30.58M

WLT has a current short interest of nearly 53%, almost unheard of yet driving force of such breakneck negativity is deeply rooted in anti fossil fuel politics. 
Note the total doom price action after this Anti-Energy Administration's policies have taken hold; WLT's shares sunk from $140.00 to the $7.00 area in just 3-years. 

IF anybody tells you that this Administration is pro Employment or pro Economic (GDP) Growth please use this piece to debunk those lefty lies.    

Chart forWalter Energy, Inc. (WLT)

Our Capitalist Pig Bob dreams that some pro Capitalistic sanity would win and barriers against exporting coal would be lifted. Yet it may be too late to breathe life back into a dying coal co like WLT and the stubborn Donks could care less as they push their Green agenda.

Brilliant American Investor Wilbur Ross has appeared on CNBC several times and said he would stay away from the coal industry until he witnessed some legislation that would lift restrictions on coal exports. We know Asia would become overnight buyers, and how does this make sense from a pro Growth perspective for the U.S.A? Sadly, the only pro Growth step is the paradox of the Fed's Quantitative Easing with Zero balance from the myopically Green Legislature.


Capitalist Pig Bob,

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'am Fat Money'

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