Sunday, June 23, 2013

Q3, 2013 Preliminary PEETA Focus List


Q3 will have 10 Post Earnings Educational Trade Alerts (PEETA) for every partner who Upgraded and the regular 5 PEETAs if you did not yet Upgrade to 10 for the duration of your subscription.    

PEETAs are sent Red-Eye (midnight U.S. ET); mission is to Enter early on Friday morning and Exit by noon ET. 

Most traders think it's too late when a stock is crossing on the CNBC ticker Up or Down big post earnings. Yet our partners know that the after-hours reaction is often the start of something special and creates an opportunity for us to perform a PEETA

PEETAs demand intense hours of analysis and experience: rewinding conference calls, interpreting news developments, technicalspolitics/legislation, macroeconomic factors from all corners of the globe, and the underlying psychology of current valuation. We pride ourselves on sending Educational and sometimes Profitable alerts.

The aggressive trader must be cold-blooded, calculated, fast, and defensive in order to eventually enjoy success. POTC stresses to not over-trade and or force trades, two mortal sins. We use strict Entry and Exit parameters when booking profits or losses.

Our readers and partners come from diverse geographies: U.S.A., India, China through  U.S. citizenship, Sweden, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, France, SpainBrazil,  Philippines, Canada, Japan, Chile, Greece, ArgentinaBahamas, and Mexico.

Q2 was another incredible exhibition of correctly pegging individual and broad market Direction (gold and S/P).  

If you are a Partner already, congratulationsIf you would like sign-up just use Paypal in the right margin and start what we promise will be an Educational journey.

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