Friday, June 14, 2013

Ditto Trade, Stocktwits, and or Psychology of the Call (POTC)

If you are looking for Educational stock options trading insights, we at POTC have been evolving our craft since 1978.

If you are a member of or considering Ditto Trade or Stocktwits, please read the right side of this blog. 

We believe that our Post Earnings Educational Trade Alert (PEETA) is not yet widely known yet it trumps every aggressive stock options trading strategy we have tried. POTC does not spend any money on advertising and we even refuse to use Google AdSense since we find the ads are often a useless distraction.  

We try very hard and believe our Partners are well-informed and sometimes very profitable as they trade the PEETA alongside us inside a 6-1/2 hour window to option expiration.

Please send all Questions to:

You have stumbled upon one of the best esoteric trading sites on the Internet; welcome.


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