Wednesday, November 7, 2012

U.S. Capitalistic Extinction Looms: American Genius & Exceptionalism has Morphed to American Ignorance and Subjugation; the Obama Wildebeest Explained

If you voted for Obama you are an example of how American business genius has swung to American business ignorance, and how American morality has swung to American immorality.  

Your vote proclaimed that you are happy with expanded regulations on small businesses and job creators, higher health care costs for all still employed, a warting welfare society, and chastising individual success with higher taxes is a sensible idea. 

A majority of your ancestors ran from and immigrated because of Govt overreach in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. New York's Ellis Island and the Lady Liberty stood proud; paradoxically some of your ancestors fought and died for your freedom to vote and you cast in favor of greater Subjugation

Your vote said I could care less
1.) That the budget has not been balanced even once in the last 4-years, 
2.) That the the cloud-seeding $16 Trillion national debt is no different than Greece and threatens socioeconomic mayhem 
3.) That a man has zero private sector business experience while national unemployment is at 7.9%, 
4.) That a man pushed for a bill in IL that would allow infanticide (aborting a baby that is 7+ months),
5.) That a man and his Administration covered-up the death of U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans, including two Navy SEALs, especially the super brave Tyrone Woods. 

The Obama flock is actually less intelligent than the Kenyan Wildebeest, as those creatures are forced to drink from the banks of the same croc infested river from year to year to survive; you were not forced yet voted for a journey to Capitalistic extinction

If you wished to one day visit Greece or Spain, please do not book any trips as you are well on your way.

In Mourning, Shocked, but never without Hope,
Capitalist Pig Bob.

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