Monday, November 5, 2012

Obama should be Scratched and Given Non-Starter Status

With just hours to Tuesday's, November, 6, 2012, 57th Quadrennial U.S. Presidential election,  Capitalist Pig Bob urges all forward-thinking Americans to VOTE for Elephant Romney regardless whether Donkey Obama makes the starting gate.

If know anyone who lives in any of these states: FL, IAMINH, OHPA, VA, or WI, please call them and let them know how important Tuesday's election is.   

Obama's unapologetic and clamantly partisan record must seal his single-term legacy.
1.) Hiring an Anti-Energy Secretary in Stephen Chu who admitted he does not own a car and has stated that high gas prices are a good thing while Obama promised Energy Independence in 10-years in 2008 at the 2-minute mark at the 3rd Obama/McCain debate. Today's 7.9% unemployment rate would be much lower if we had an aggressive 'All of the Above' energy policy. The rate is 10.7% if we model using the same Labor participation percentage rate on the day Obama took office. We know some economists argue this statistic is skewed because a lot of baby boomers are retiring, agree, yet it is a sad fact that 50%+ of young people with recent bachelor's degrees are underemployed and working as waiters, bartenders, and retail store clerks, reported Hope Yen of the Associated Press in April, 2012. Obama's decision to invest $90B in green-energy projects has backfired as Abound Solar and Solyndra are two examples of Obama subsidized cos to a tune of $400M and $500M respectively that already went bankrupt. Focusing on funding green-energy while being anti coal, oil, nuclear, and natural-gas is responsible for higher gas prices and the highest unemployment rate of almost every Donkey or Elephant mudding for a 2nd term.   
2.) An overreaching Dodd-Queen Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that has in fact expanded 'Too Big Too Fail Banks'; this is choking down on the reigns of the thoroughbred American risk-taker from investing and hiring incremental employees. 

From the Heritage Foundation's Amy Payne:
"Dodd–Frank does not end bailouts and taxpayer support for big banks. Under the act, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is permitted to purchase the assets of a failing  firm, guarantee the obligations of a failing firm, take a security interest in the assets of a failing firm, and borrow on the failed firm’s total consolidated assets. (For Bank of America, that would be $2 trillion in bailout authority to be paid by taxpayers.)"

3.) Driving through the Affordable Healthcare mandate that even Sussman, Cooper, and Phillips of the New York Times note that 66% of Americans oppose and want to see parts of it repealed. More importantly, there is a link to a graphic in that article that shows a majority of Americans were opposed to Obamacare as it was debated and passed.
4.) The cover-up in Benghazi, Libya was blamed on a YouTube video for nearly 2-weeks after the deaths of a U.S. ambassador Christopher Stevens (1st Ambassador killed since 1979), and 3 other Americans including two Navy SEALs: Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

The valor of all these Americans who fought-off but were eventually murdered by the   radical Islamic terrorists that we believe were not motivated by any YouTube video, must never be forgotten, but especially Tyrone Woods. The last hours of Tyrone's life must be taught to your children, especially if you have boys. Here is what and how Tyrone's father feels about the high-level people in this Obama Administration; I stand with him 100%. 

My most optimistic thoughts and heartfelt Sunday prayers are with all the ones still suffering on the East coast post Hurricane Sandy. If Obama was an Elephant, Sandy would most likely be his Katrina.

Yet the modern news media like MS-LSD-NBC, Yahoo!, and the Puffington Post, only shower this Donkey with praise. Men like Chris 'Crucify U.S.A.' Matthews, Rachel 'Man-off', and the new CEO of Yahoo! "Marissa 'Ma-your' true election headlines be quashed", should all be boycotted. Case in point is the large crowds showing-up at Mitt Romney events are electrified versus the incumbent's inability to run on his record, yet their reporting is biased.

Every American soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice on the beaches of Normandy, France, and elsewhere,  would be saddened and in total shock.

The United States has never been closer to extinguishing the American Dream from within and nearly 50% of the voting masses perfectly okay with a Collectivist society. And this Big Govt mentality is paradoxically being nudged over the imminent fiscal cliff by some of the aforementioned people who espouse their 1st Amendment rights by stoking class warfare and chastising successful hard working men and women. 

There is no doubt that Obama inherited multiple crises and that President George W. Bush and his Secretary of the Treasury Henry 'Hank' Paulson started the Big Govt bailouts instead of allowing a natural forest fire to burn the bad bets and risk-takers; having some filing for bankruptcy and then witnessing what CNBC's Larry Kudlow would call "private equity green shoots sprouting from the ashes".  

The Elephants sparked this fiscal forest fire, but the Donkeys doused the early flames with Chorine trifluoride and all 50 states are in the path of socioeconomic mayhem when you factor the $16 Trillion National Debt and 4-years running with not one balanced budget in the Animal Kingdom of Washington, D.C.

U.S. politicians have turned workable multi-billion dollar debts and deficits to unworkable trillions; a Collectivist society cannot prosper, innovate, and lead the 21st Century. 

The Donkeys have taken advantage of this deeply rooted economic trough, seeded in fact by one of their early Collectivist predecessors President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR). Through their tax, legislate, regulate, & spend policies they have forced the once Free-Market needle to point at Collectivism.

If you compare the U.S. presidential, election to the Breeders' Cup or Triple Crown of thoroughbred horse racing, Mr. Barry Soetoro aka President Barack Hussein Obama would be designated non-starter status before the starting gate on Tuesday, November 6, 2012; scratched by the citizen Veterinarians for having the lamest 4-year fiscal record of any president in history; Forward~

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God Bless the United States of America,

~!! Go Mitt !!~


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