Friday, May 4, 2012

Bulls Bloodied; Wealth Leveling Cycle from West to East Continues; Fiscal, Monetary, Overreaching Govt Policies Offer No Help

Thanks to all our subscribers. We had an educational and successful Quarter as we were net bearish.

Our two S&P Directional Alerts warned subscribers at 1,412 and at 1,420 that 'We Did Not Feel Comfortable Above 1,400'; that turned out to be prophetic and profitable for many. 

We sent out long-term write-ups on AeroVironment (AVAV) and Abbott Laboratories (ABT) and a follow-up on AVAV is scheduled for Sunday, May 13.

Our team will continue to work extreme hours and send  educational, dynamic, and sometimes profitable ideas

Yet we stress that our business was designed for educational purposes; POTC is neither a registered Investment Advisor or Broker Dealer as outlined in the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. 

Every educational Trade Alert reminds that trading options and futures is extremely risky and large losses should be expected, a Govt Options and Futures disclaimer is always attached.  

We are a group of experienced traders with interesting life experiences and educational backgrounds that love digging for off-the-beaten path information and then teaching aggressive trading strategies. 

Our DNA is to Stand Up for Liberty; politics played a key role in starting the blog in early 2008 and now everyone has witnessed the maddening global Govt overreach into our lives. You can expect our Political Correspondent, Capitalist Pig Bob, to always express his heartfelt and Independent opinions. The rest of our team agrees with a majority (89%+) of what the Pig writes.

Our 11 Commandments were designed and continue to be refined to increase reward, decrease risk while employing very aggressive strategies.

We do no multi-legged trades and rarely follow the direction of the masses, for too long at least. 

We consider most Wall Street analysts no different than the naive African Wildebeest;  we only follow wise analysts that are free thinkers and have the ability to issue Sell recommendations. The 'Yes men and women' that only recommend Buy can be compared to Street prostitutes; and many Wall Street firms are equivalent to legal Pimps.  

We are contrarians and cynics by nature. Some corp executives rape shareholder wealth instead of increase it, STEC and LIOX are just two examples yet there are fiscally retarded men that continue to Buy and Hold such cos.

Most on the POTC team would prefer spending a day walking, fishing, and swimming some crystal clear and 'clean' river than driving an expensive Italian sports car down Santa Monica Blvd. We believe in fiscal Liberty for All, financial greed is not a bad thing if you use it to help family, friends, and strangers. And we do respect the choice of Hindu Sadhus as well.

Subscribers received bearish information on: AAPL, BIDU, DECK, PCLN, TPX, and WTW in the last several days - weeks, and we know that many are profiting.

If you are not a subscriber but appreciate Independent research with a human touch that  marries charts, fundamentalsconference calls, politics, and several other factors most analysts do not handicap, you should enjoy your subscription to Psychology of the Call.

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Adam, Des, Frank, Lisa, and Dallas Pig Bob are your POTC team.

"I am POTC-"

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