Sunday, April 29, 2012

Option Trade Alert (TA) for LinkedIn (LNKD) Closed for Purchase

We sent out a fairly in-depth study/report on LNKD ahead of today's Q1, 2012 earnings release  after market close.  

All subscribers will receive this  LNKD TA on Thursday at 10 AM ET.

Since we've had success with DECK puts last week (460% - 560%), and NUAN calls (100%), and for all that booked profits early in BWLD and SBUX, we chose to trade  LNKD ahead of numbers.

LNKD has been on POTC's radar since 2011. We are confident that we have a good grip on which way mass psychology will swing price post report.

If you are not a subscriber but are interested in this write-up, please buy a subscription in the right margin for either a Quarter or Year. If you have any questions, please email them to:

We thank all our loyal readers and subscribers for 4+ years of successful blogging,

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