Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Google Trade Alert Closed from Purchase, thank you; ISRG tomorrow ..

The Psychology of the Call team (POTC) is working on another version of a Psychological Financial Fusion (PFF ratio) Trade Alert (TA) for GOOG.

Our last TA could be viewed in the right margin, returning 1,000% on open (overnight), and 1,400% by close.

Though we do not expect to score those kinds of returns often, we have had more success calling GOOG than any other stock we've studied.

If you are a subscriber, Thank You. If you are not a subscriber yet, please use Paypal in the right margin and use the scroll feature for various  subscription options. Yearly makes the most sense, as trading is more a process in education than a one-shot deal. Though we are still offering individual TAs.

Our 11 Commandments help you better understand the science that must be followed in order to "stay in the game" and eventually make money consistently minus the emotions too many traders get caught up in. The new 2011 11 Commandments are sent to everyone who subscribes through Paypal.   

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