Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mumbai's Dalal Street Looks to Tuesday's GDP Data; Sensex's Influence on S&P Eyed ...

"The expansion in the Indian economy is estimated to match up the growth of 8.6% seen in the last quarter of the fiscal 2009-2010," according to domestic brokerage house SMC.

Actual GDP for India: Growth in the manufacturing and services sector helped India's economy to grow by its fastest pace in more than two years at 8.8% in the first quarter of the current fiscal year.

Here's the equivalent to the U.S. Wall Street journal in India: Dalal Street Investment Journal.

Monitoring economic statistics from overseas is important, especially China, India, and Japan.

Asian economic data is having more and more  influence on U.S. S&P futures.

Indian GDP is scheduled to post Monday night (U.S.), so expect S&P futures to react either up or down ahead of Wall Street's Tuesday open.

Eurozone GDP is important, but the most exciting growth is coming from Asia.

Here's a chart of the Indian Sensex Index:

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