Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Leveling China's Manufacturing Cost Rift through Brutally Harsh Measures..

Can President Obama's short-term fiscal liberal policies in conjunction with a sprinkling of protectionism be a positive for the U.S. in the long run, you decide.

What IF these policies cripple the greenback and expose the manufacturing labor cost conundrum as the plastic Chinese banking system melts due to the greenback's weakness.

CPB thinks as critical as people are of Obama today, they may be in for a pleasant surprise IF these seemingly anti-capitalistic policies are short-term and cause a solidarity type labor revolution in China.

The unemployment problem in the US cannot improve by relying on the service sector and competing against products made for an average manufacturing cost of under $1.00/hr, compared to $16.00/hr in the US.

The U.S. must have a healthy manufacturing base to not suffer the same fate as Rome. Perhaps Obama picked Geithner because he understands that better than most. Geithner did reveal his true feelings about the Chinese currency manipulation just days before he was asked to be Secretary of the Treasury, caution...

Why would Geithner's feelings suddenly change in a few short months? They haven't. Thus the desire to bring social justice in terms of wages to China would do wonders for U.S. manufacturing. Aren't the chances better -in your opinion- that the hard working Chinese people will finally earn a human wage, especially in light of this organized labor/pro-union U.S. President Obama? We believe so.

It's this Administration's only logical reason to explain away the protests of late. With all due respect for the Glenn Beck's of the world, it is never as bad as it seems in the United States of America.

Calm down for a second and take a deep breath. POTC knows Americans are wiser beyond what is fed through cable TV's dirty laundry, yet cheers to Glenn and Fox TV for exposing a wickedly anti-capitalistic ass like Van Jones and the socialist jerks devoid of ethics at ACORN.

Since China's export economy is hinged on the strength of the U.S. consumer/greenback, perhaps Obama's policies will be mimicked by his Eurozone fans, who seem to cheer our Chief more than us, of late.

Here's how the Chinese feel about this Administration's protectionist policies:
Let's hope the media outlets begin reporting more aggressively on the manufacturing labor cost rift between us and China, and then tie in Obama's aggressive and unorthodox fiscal policies. Unless the talking heads are satisfied with the burgeoning U.S. WalMart society created a la strong dollar and Chinese slave wages...

The Psychology of the Call team along with CPB thanks you for your Wednesday morning attention.

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You guys really write a lot abt China and Obama. I think it is interesting but boring (for most). I want trade ideas that weekly piece.