Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jim Cramer and Merck

Although we respect many of the talking heads on TV, we want to bring to your attention Jim Cramer's #1 Dow stock for 2008, Merck (MRK).

We strongly disagree with Jim Cramer, and suggest our supporters sell MRK and swap into DNA.
The ASCO May 30th Conference in Chicago will be a huge positive for DNA's expanded uses of the cancer drug Avastin. It was VERY evident to us in the highly positive tone exhibited by the DNA executives on the CC. (http://psychologyofthecall.blogspot.com/2008/04/psychology-of-genentech-inc-dna-q1-2008.html)

Thanks for returning and supporting our efforts for greater corporate transparency in the emotionally charged Q/A session during CC's. We look forward to uncovering more psychology for you in the Monster (MNST) CC Thursday night.

The Psychology of the Call team.

Merck hit hard by cholesterol drug rejection

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Anonymous said...

Cramer is a comedian. How he still has a financial show is CNBC's stupidity.