Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GOOG Conference Call Analysis Rings True

In our detailed analysis of the Psychology of the Google Call on Thursday April 17, we wrote: "We come away convinced the DCLK and Google synergies will get greater as time goes by; therefore, why don't our readers consider competitors like Valueclick (VCLK), currently fetching a measly $17? Perhaps they'll be the next ones bought on the cheap…"
Today (12 days later) VCLK is trading at over $20.


Anonymous said...

I did buy VCLK after your recommendation at 18 and I am happy for having done so :)

Anonymous said...

Microsoft's bid for Yahoo, and the Google success with DCLK makes me like your VCLK call. We'll see the weeks go by, but I agree VCLK is a very interesting stock after Google's DCLK buy out, and now MSFT's attempt at Yahoo.

Anonymous said...

I've owned VCLk for 3 years, I think its time has FINALLY come. I appreciate your coverage.