Wednesday, June 11, 2014

POTC's Pork Reveals its World Cup Final: Brazil vs Portugal

Capitalist Pig Bob sees the political winds blowing favorably at this FIFA event for Brazil butt against Argentina. Though I agree with the brass at GS that Brazil will make it to the Final I smell Argentina being booted-out within the 1st 2-rounds, then
great debate over the 'bad' calls on the field by the referees.

As the main Political and now World Cup Correspondent for POTC here's my Final:
Brazil vs Portugal. Game could end in a tie and then exhaust OT play and go into penalty kicks.
  • If game ends in normal or OT play the winner will be Portugal 3 - 2.
  • If game goes to penalty kicks the winner will be Brazil.
This is different than GS's Final of Brazil 3 - 1 over Argentina, as I see Argentina being sent to an early political exit.

Here's some quick thoughts from Capitalist Piglet Alice (CPA), rooted more in piglet vanity yet potentially more powerful than GS's Final call nonetheless:

"I was a Commercial Art major before switching to Business, so I will defer to Capitalist Pig Bob's sports expertise in predicting the Winner, and instead will pick the Best Use of Color & Style in the kits (uniforms).  My choice is Spain ~ muy sexy!"


Tradition be damned. The defending champions celebrate that distinction by using gold stripes and a golden crest on their head-to-toe red home look. But the away has none of that. Spain will feature an all-black kit with neon green—known as “electricity”—accents throughout. There’s no tradition there.
(Description courtesy Sports Illustrated)

Kit trivia:  Out of the 32 teams, Nike sponsors 10, Adidas 9, Puma 8, and 5 lesser known companies sponsor the remaining 5.

Best of luck to all nations and let's see whether the pork at POTC or brass at GS is better at picking World Cup winners, Bring It On !

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