Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Introducing our new Team Member: Capitalist Piglet Alice..

With humble hearts as we continue to improve our aggressive stock options trading services, POTC proudly introduces our newest team member: Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Capitalist Piglet Alice

Her Communications via email and phone as a normal Partner have been imposing since 2011. Working as a CPA for several decades this Piglet understands the intricacies often buried in Financial Statements; her resume boasts work for Oil and Manufacturing cos and eventually a privately run Tax and Accounting practice. 

Greetings to every POTC Partner from Capitalist Piglet Alice,

I became interested in trading stock options about the same time I became a CPA.  I mainly relied on broker recommendations (ugh), and the high commissions made it hard to profit.  Without much success I quit trading altogether for a few years.  
Then after on-line trading became prevalent with much lower fees and commissions around 2003, I began to make my own decisions and trades.  I was able to interpret the Accounting very well so I thought I wasn't making some giant leap, yet..  
I would describe my on-line trading strategy as rooted in fundamental analysis and more often than I care to admit many "seat of my pants" calls where some worked but most did not.  Another disadvantage is that I only followed and traded the same 4 or 5 cos over and over.  Many of my successful trades were more a result of luck when I compare to what I know today.  
About 3-years ago I signed-up to POTC and slowly began to change my trading ways.  I am a witness that POTC doesn't just mention the 'Educational Journey' Partners are about to take in their Welcome Letter, they truly walk the walk and I am proud to be their go-to CPA. 
As a result of following POTC's write-ups, analyses, etc., my Accounting expertise was reinvigorated as I found myself applying multi-pronged research strategies: listening to Corp conference calls, studying charts, volume, after-market price activity, analysts opinions, and then after seeing the actual numbers my conviction in entering a trade has grown exponentially. 
After I profit today, there are usually many variables that I understand over just intuition or even my professional Accounting background which is the reason POTC hired me.  Sometimes financial statements can often conceal more than they reveal.  
POTC wants to ensure they understand some of the more difficult Accounting lines, but especially the footnotes, as the market is going higher as a result of what I call belt-tightening/cost cutting that is dominant in many sectors over growth in revenues; or as my team always refers to as growth in Sales.  
Of course POTC's Partners are not required to get as involved as I did since many don't have time and choose to trade alongside POTC if the write-up/psychology makes sense, or not trade and just watch and take notes. 
As a CPA I am required to complete a certain number of hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) each year.  So I enjoyed verifying POTC's fundamental analysis while learning several new research areas I never took advantage of. 
I know from personal experience that if a Partner has a little extra time, he or she will reap long-term benefits by studying the often interesting final Directional thesis of the PEETA. The educational opportunities that come with being a POTC Partner are somewhat similar to my 'Continuing Professional Education' as a CPA; just one reason why I am excited to be an official member of the POTC team. 
Any Partner who has been involved for a while for at least 1-year knows that POTC is continually Evolving.  About 6 Quarters ago when they developed the Post Earnings Educational Trade Alert (PEETA) trading strategy is when I gained confidence and starting reaping the educational benefits and booking profits more consistently than ever.  The PEETA has been very effective and I congratulate my team for pegging Direction correctly so often. 
I recall a few Quarters ago after YHOO reported and almost every person on CNBC's Fast Money was bullish for the following day. So when POTC sent a bearish Red-Eye thesis I was surprised, yet they called Direction correctly even as the easiest route was to follow the so-called experts. 
The experts turned out to be wrong,  another example why I think POTC's multi-faceted write-ups are different and impressive. Obviously no trader or service will get every trade right, so I like the fact that when there's a mistake made, POTC more often than not will log a Lesson Learned and they promise to never commit the same mistake twice. 
Also, no new Partner may sign-up unless they are referred by a current Partner.  This forces the service to improve from Quarter to Quarter or no referrals will result. A referral focused model keeps the number of traders at a manageable level to maximize personal attention. I have never come across a service where you ask a question and you receive a long and thorough response. 
I encourage all Partners to answer the challenge when we ask for your insights about next-day Direction or for comments and suggestions. Two of my favorite POTC wisdoms: 
  • "Some of our best ideas come from our Partners." 
  • "If you learn and make moneywe learn and make money."
And one of POTC's favorite Chinese Proverbs:
  • "Tell me and I'll forget, Show me and I may remember, but Involve me and I will Understand."

Capitalist Piglet Alice, POTC's CPA Correspondent.

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