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Capitalist Pig Bob's brief History of U.S. Govt's Policy Failures; Affordable Care Act (ACA) under Fire~

After almost every single big Govt program has contributed to the burgeoning National Debt, why would any sane person think that the Govt will get it right with the ACA? Here's a list of failed Govt programs:

  • Social Security established in 1935 (79 years), President FDR (King Donk). A big Govt subsidized program that continues to add to the National Debt and goes unaddressed. 
  • Medicare and Medicaid established in 1965 (49 years), President LBJ (Donk). Another deficit Govt program that goes unaddressed as the Donks layer the ACA?   
  • Fannie Mae established in 1938 (76 years), President FDR (King Donk). Took a $117B bailout and still owes about $20B. Some positive signs butt with a hitch.
  • Freddie Mac established in 1970 (44 years), President Nixon (RINO - republican in name only). Together with Fannie they were partly responsible for the worst economic collapse and stagnation. These Govt Sponsored Enterprises (GSE) led us to 0% Interest Rate Policies and more. Who knows how much more diversity is on the Fed's balance sheet besides Treasuries. Are you okay with a private enterprise immune from being audited?
  • War on Drugs began in the 60's and it is a failure, President Nixon again (RINO). Here's the brilliant Dr. Milton Friedman on a solution to the drug problem.
  • 'O' (Super freak Donk) committed $831 billion to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This near $1 trillion was the beginning of the $5 trillion 'O' has added to the National Debt and continues to argue for raising the debt-ceiling. Butt here 'O' called debt 'unpatriotic' and voted against raising the debt-ceiling in 2006. Hypocrisy, ignorance, amnesia, or just expected from a south side Chicago precinct captain with no private sector business experience? I think it's a combination, even the liberal NBC is finally 'getting it.'
  • Cash for Clunkers established in 2009, President 'O' went broke in 2009. 80% of the cars purchased turned out to be produced by foreign cos; car dealers were buried with paperwork demanded by a Govt that did not pay them what was initially promised.
  • No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, President 'W' (RINO), program costs about $55 billion per year while the U.S. ranks 17th in Education versus the modern world.
  • Department of Energy (DOE) established in 1977, President Carter (Donk). Has a $30 billion budget and couldn't avert the BP spill and does more harm than good by levying fines and hence raising costs, prices of gas and other fossil fuels. Latest heads of of DOE under 'O' have refused to lift restrictions on international coal shipping, stymied the Keystone pipeline and push for green energy like Solar instead of Natural-gas.  
  • Fair Housing Act established 1968, President LBJ (Donk): The Govt instructed Banks to issue Subprime Mortgages to minorities regardless of their credit; partly responsible for 841,073 foreclosures in 2012 as Govt forced the hand of what should be Darwinian Capitalism that embraces private sector cos burn (go BK) that make bad investments and reap profits from good.
  • Federal Reserve Bank created on December 23, 1913, President Wilson (Donk). Fed is broke and should be audited like any private sector business, fair? I personally think the Fed played a major role in buying S&P futures beginning in October, 2010, when QE was announced. I recall a couple men that looked to be in their mid 70s on the NYSE floor scratching their heads -CNBC- as the Dow kept rallying right before close and then the overnight futures session rarely faltered .. this pattern is able to be verified by back testing the charts. As for the NYSE men, you'll just have to trust me. One of the NYSE gents said "I don't know where the volume is coming from, nobody on this floor is buying?"  Fed has no 'reserve' just more and more paper 'money' with no intrinsic value. After so many failed Govt programs do you believe "Backed by full Faith and Credit of U.S. Govt is applicable?" Great reason why we're seeing equity prices rally, U.S. loss of credibility to fight a 'modern-day recession' with Monetary policies and no help from the Fiscal side as anti business policies from the Legislative side pile.  
  • Now O's ACA, giving big Brother free reigns to mandate HC policies which account for 17% of GDP.

We definitely need to rejigger the HC system butt forcing a religious man or woman to pay for abortions is clearly an infringement on the First amendment.   

God vs.Govt: What Does the Constitution Really Say About the Separation of Church and State?

The First amendment:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereofor abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
I agree with Adam that we deserve months of televised Town hall debates and not a partisan Reconciliation vote. Reconciliation is a legislative process in the U.S. Senate with debate limited to twenty hours.  

Imagine if 'W' passed legislation in the same way. Legislation that was responsible for nearly $1 of every $5 of the economy's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but limited the debate to 20-hours. MSNBC's (aka MS-LSD) line-up of socialists: Mr. L. 'O' Donnell, Mz. R. Man-off, Mr. Chrissy 'thrill up my leg' Matt-news, and the ex James Brown tour manager and HS graduate Al 'Reverend since age 4' Sharpton would all be calling for public demonstrations.   

Whether ignorant or deceitful 'O' insisted "You can keep your plan if you like it". Here's the Honorable and healthy looking 62-yr young Jeanine Pirro's views on the HC Act.

I do not agree with many things 'W' did, especially with crony Hank Paulson as certain Wall Street Banks' stock prices were in free-fall, yet I have a harder time with 'O' getting away with anti Constitutional legislation.

Let's elect Independent thinkers that will Delete the 'Unaffordable HC Act' and start over. Let's come up with solutions that a majority of the people agree on. 

I am sure that most Darwinian Capitalists have soft spots in their hearts for helping people with pre-existing conditions, butt let's agree on a HC overhaul in Town halls and not through a Reconciliation vote. 

Wake-up America, it's not too late!  

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Forest fire Darwinian Capitalism is best solution to almost every problem in the U.S., not big Brother! 

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