Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank You Jim Cramer, Mad Money and Fast Money on CNBC, Motley Fool, Minyanville, Yahoo Finance, Seeking Alpha, EDGAR, and Live Conference Calls as our Team Analyzes All in Order to Educate and sometimes Profit...

Q2 earnings preliminary Focus List:

Q2 will have a minimum of  5 Post Earnings Educational Trade Alerts (PEETA). 

PEETAs are sent Red-Eye (midnight U.S. ET) and the goal is to enter with an electronic limit on market open as the large earnings premiums exit the stock option.

Most traders think it's too late when a stock is seen crossing on the CNBC ticker up or down big post earnings, but that initial reaction is often the start of something special. 

PEETAs demand several 12+ hour days of studying financial statements, rewinding conference calls, interpreting news developments and talking heads, technicalspolitics, macroeconomic factors, and the underlying psychology of what is being priced in current valuation. Our goal is to send educational and non-biased trade alerts.

POTC has been and will remain firmly rooted in fiscal conservative principles. No bloated government agencies, bailouts, and stimulus packages is the mantra of our Capitalist Pig Bob. We would have much rather allowed a fiscal forest fire burn the bad bets at AIG than bailing everyone out; more onerous regulations have resulted as the big banks have become bigger. 

Darwinian free-markets with less Govt regulations are key to experiencing true organic growth in GDP again. Past and more normal business cycles that brought great innovation and prosperity were as a result of labor in Mining, Manufacturing, and Farming, not Govt. Today we cannot get past a single day without hearing about the Govt and its heavy overhang on risk takers.

The markets have never been more synthetic, reason why our focus is on trading after co specific earnings. The Fed's quantitative easing in the bond market may be occurring in the S/P futures market as well. There have been days where only a wall of printed money could have stopped a selloff from taking place. This trading nugget is becoming more evident to all who are paying attention from day to day.

Every subscriber receives our 11 Commandments that highlight aggressive  trading wisdoms and some even apply to traditional cash and IRA accounts.

The 11 remind us that scientific trading parameters must be used to trade with less stress and more consistent profits. The 11 are constantly evolving with Lessons Learned from Q to Q.

The aggressive trader must be nimble and defensive in order to be successful over time, two traits that must be learned as greed tempts us to act irrationally from hour to hour. We try to teach you to avoid over-trading and forcing trades, two mortal sins. We always suggest strict entry and exit parameters whether booking profits or losses.

Readers and subscribers of the blog are a diverse bunch since 2008: U.S.A., India, China through  U.S. citizenship, Sweden, Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, France, SpainBrazil,  Philippines, Canada, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Bahamas, and Mexico.

Our individual stock option educational trade alerts goal is to peg direction correctly every time; Q1 was phenomenal in terms of direction.  


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