Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama is Not 'Wynning- Over' Risk Takers; Audio Stream Included

Capitalist Pig Bob says that this current Administration is the most anti-private sector the U.S. has ever faced. 
Many fear that too many have tilted away from Individualism and to a blue state mentality of Community, Unions, Collectivism, and Entitlement. Yet the failed attempt to recall Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker offers some hope for 'Change'. 
Our resident Pig also thinks that revenue and earnings streams in most of the Banking, Energy, and Health Care stocks will be dismal through 2012, and then it will depend on who wins the election on November 6. 

The arteries of free-market Capitalism have been clogged, the blood that is risk capital cannot flow freely if the U.S. continues to over-regulate nearly every frickin' industry. POTC agrees with the Pig that we are literally one left field event away from socioeconomic paralysis, where Big Brother would have us on life-support indefinitely.  
Bob thinks that today's global growth quandary is due to the 90%+ of anti-business U.S. Govt agencies in combination  with the negative synergies caused by the overreach of bailouts, stimulus, and Quantitative Entanglement(s) (QE).
Since early 2008, POTC has declared several times 'Long Live Wall Street', and though WS was and never will be perfect, it has directly contributed to creating more sustainable Capital, Wealth, and Labor than any U.S. Govt agency.  
Click this audio stream as proof that 'Obama is Not Wynning' over American risk takers.
Thanks for sharing this message with family and friends as we enter the most critical election stretch in our nation's history,
Pig Bob.

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