Saturday, April 14, 2012

Intuitive Surgical (ISRG). Post Earnings Trade Alert (PETA) this Tuesday

ISRG will release Q1, 2012 earnings after close on Tuesday, April, 17. Every  subscriber will receive a write-up that spells out our best strategy to advantage  the post earnings reaction. The PETA will be sent Tuesday night to review in order to trade on Wednesday morning.

If you are not a subscriber, please buy a subscription through Paypal in the right margin; nobody works harder or smarter than the Psychology of the Call team (POTC).

Our S&P Directional Alerts have been excellent in calling market swings since 2010. We just warned  subscribers from S&P 1,412 - 1,420 that we were bearish and suggested they raise cash or go short through SPY ETF options or S&P futures (ES).

Thank You,
Adam, Frank, Des, Lisa, and Capitalist Pig Bob.

' I am POTC- '

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