Friday, March 16, 2012

Tom Hanks, You are Shameful for Narrating Obama's Re-election Video:

Dear Tom,

You failed to mention that in Obama's three years in office:
1.) The U.S. National Debt has gone up by $5 trillion; largest $ and % increase in the history of the Presidency; click here for the facts.
2.) U.S. credit rating was downgraded by S&P from AAA to AA- for the first time since keeping score, 1917. Perhaps you missed this Huffington Post piece?, click here.  
3.) For the first time in U.S. history, by year-end 2012, the dollar amount of U.S. National Debt ($15.5T) will surpass the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), click here.
4Gas prices at the pump have more than doubled, they were $1.87/gallon in late Nov, '08, click here. 
5.) Tens of thousands of jobs have been stymied as Obama's Anti-Secretary of Energy Chu admitted that this Administration's goal is higher gas prices so consumers are  forced to go green. And Chu does not own a car, click here.
Tom, do you really believe the Govt knows better than the American risk-taker/entrepreneur?
6.) A partisan and unconstitutional Health Care bill was forced through against the will of 60%+ of Americans. Here's what professor Randy Barnett thinks of the Obamacare insurance 'mandate': 'The Supreme Court has never upheld a 'tax' penalizing private citizens who refuse to enter into a contract with a private company'.
7.) U.S. National Unemployment rate rose by 2+ to 10.2% after the partisan February, '09, $787 billion stimulus;  the rate has never been above 8% for this long since WWII, click here

Thomas 'Jeffrey' Hanks, you just won the Oscar for:
'Most Ignorant Hollywood Actor of March, 2012

At 14m:33s into the video you say: "They changed the way the world sees us (click here)". That sentence was either your finest comedic moment or the greatest lie you've ever told. This presidential bow-down to Saudi King Abdullah did nothing for respect or $4/gallon gas:

Your 17-minute Obama re-election video never addressed the National Debt, Anti-Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, or the manufacturing and Unemployment crisis that have been exacerbated by Big Govt policies. The American risk-taker  is confused as he stares into burdensome Health Care regulations ahead, and then the partisan Dodd-Frank bill never mentioned Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, 'butt' I did notice Frank's mug when you addressed 'Don't Ask Don't Tell', how ironic.

Last but certainly not least, click here to hear Professor Richard Epstein's very personal thoughts on Obama.

No Thanks Hanks,
Capitalist Pig Bob,
' I am POTC- '

Imagine if Congress ordered the majority of American households without a firearm to buy a handgun from a private company, and punished their failure to do so with an escalating monetary fine, which it labeled a “tax.” Would the supporters of the health insurance mandate feel the same about the constitutionality of such a measure?
Professor Randy Barnett

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extraordinary work bob, Dale in CO.