Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stock Option Trade Alert (TA) for Netflix Inc. (NFLX) Next:

NFLX reports earnings after market close on Wednesday, 25 January. We will send a Post-Earnings Trade Alert (PETA) to all Quarterly and Yearly subcribers late Wednesday evening.

 Our PETA trade on GOOG last Friday morning produced a return of over 110%. We bought the  $590 PUTs that were set to expire that day; we got in at an average of $3.20 and sold at $6.90.

 If you would like an opportunity to profit,  you can buy the NFLX trade through PayPal.

Our PETAs have an excellent risk-reward profile since we do an in-depth study of the fundamentals, technicals, and price psychology for several days; then after we see the quarterly results and listen to the conference call (CC) sometimes several times, we decide whether the after market price reaction will continue or reverse.

PETAs have been a very successful offering for our subscribers. We invite you to join us for a Quarter or at least this NFLX trade.

Thank You, POTC-

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