Thursday, September 15, 2011

Q3's Stock Focus List, Subscription Info, and a Quick Explanation of the Lingering Socioeconomic Malaise~

'It's Time' for Q3's earnings. Here is our preliminary Focus List: AAPL, ACOR, AMZN, APKT, BIDU, CMG, CRM, DNDN, FCX, GOOG, GS, ISRG, LULU, MS, PCLN, STMP, REGN, and WFMI. Please read through the Psychological Financial Fusion (PFF ratio) Trade Alert and act by market close. You'll have 5.5 hours to earnings release to either buy a call, put, or do nothing. With the Post Earnings Trade Alerts (PETAs), be prepared to read through the entire analysis and act on market open. PETA's are sent after earnings, so the options are cheaper and offer a nice risk-reward profile. When most think they have missed a trade when a stock crosses up 5%+ CNBC, we know it's often only the beginning of making some Mad Money. For further clarification between a PFF and PETA, please go to the right margin. If you're not a subscriber, please sign-up through Paypal in the right margin. We chose Paypal since it is one of the most secure and trusted Internet payment processors. PFF ratio Trade Alerts require several 12+ hour days of studying financial statements, rewinding conference calls over and over, interpreting key news developments, technicals, politics, and the underlying psychology of share price with a forward-looking and often contrarian bent.

Our goal is to send subscribers: educational, aggressive, non-biased, well researched, and profitable Trade Alerts.

POTC remains firmly rooted in fiscal conservative principles. No bloated government agencies, bailouts, and stimulus packages is our mantra.

We are excited with the approaching 2012 Presidential campaign and election. We will introduce you to Capitalist Pig Bob's pigtailed girlfriend Tea Party Sally soon. They are currently on vacation somewhere on Maui.

Pig Bob believes the U.S. will drown in mediocrity if the politicians continue to rail against Wall Street and the average businessman trying to succeed at the American Dream.

The $500M+ loss in Solyndra as well as the NY Congressional seat should have jarred this Administration's intellect, yet we thought that before after Scott Brown and were proven very wrong. Obama's actions have been extremely partisan. This development is troubling, but especially after the November midterm 2010 demolition of democrats. If you buy a Quarterly or Yearly subscription by October 1, you'll receive our #1 stock to go long and #1 stock to go short for the next 6 months.

Shrewd global political forces will influence legislation or lack thereof in the weeks and months ahead. These forces will be especially evident as the October 27th Q3 GDP number posts at 9:30 am ET. POTC subscribers will be well informed ahead of all major market moving economic data points.

Obama's bloated government ensures extended suffering for the private sector. Our Capitalist Pig Bob despises this Administration's economic team as well as the FOMC's insistence on printing more and more money. A 0% interest rate policy has done nothing to nudge banking / credit / or real estate psychology. POTC believes that the cheap price of money (low interest rates) have extended the recession in housing and employment since it has created a confused and scared consumer. And this decades bad string of events: NASDAQ Bubble of 2000, Enron, 9/11 Terrorism, Wars, Bailouts and Stimulus, in conjunction with emergence of the technological efficiencies have all put the U.S. into a socioeconomic bind. The creation of an uneven global manufacturing playing field in terms of slave wages and then pegging of the Chinese Yuan to the U$D is an ongoing socioeconomic damnation. How China unwinds this peg and avoids inflation will be a case study. And if they don't unwind soon and U.S. GDP goes into the red (negative), it could spring social unrest in China and potential revolutions in orbital economically weak Euro countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, and Italy. Growth is the key, and how does the U.S. get growth in GDP when pirating goods and software, combined with an extremely low minimum wage has been China's M.O. It's likely the hard working Chinese will stand-up for human wages if food inflation becomes a bigger issue in 2012.

The world faces very complex socioeconomic issues in the months and years ahead in POTC's opinion. Our team is prepared to analyze these comeuppances and send trade profitable trade suggestions as they arise. Are you excited and on board with us for Q3?

The average Chinese manufacturing wage is around $2.50/hour compared to the U.S.'s $16.00, a 540% difference. The Yuan peg to the U$D could be a major reason why the U.S. has zero growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Employment. Do you view the Eastern economies as a fair trading partners or do you think some are pirating too much, paying too little, and hence a thorn to GDP and Employment?

The latest banking crisis crippling Europe is reminding many of 2008 all over again. Yet the S&P is holding above 1, 100 as these massive structural global banking fault lines are exposed.

Hundreds of subscribers enjoy the one-on-one trading advice and assistance via e-mail. POTC's goal is very aggressive and profitable trade suggestions. Every subscriber receives the 11 Commandments that highlight key investment wisdoms regarding traditional as well as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

The 11 Commandments stress and suggest more scientific trading parameters be employed. 'The 11 Commandos' are reviewed and refined with "Lessons Learned", as well as on your advice.

The aggressive trader must be nimble and defensive in order to be successful over time, two traits that are difficult to learn when greed is tempting us to act irrational. We always suggest strict trade triggers / parameters, whether booking profits or accepting losses.

Subscribers to the blog are a diverse bunch since 2008: United States, India, China via U.S. citizenship, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, Poland, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, Philippines, Canada, Japan, Chile, Argentina, Bahamas, Argentina, and Mexico. Our team is confident that you will enjoy our trading information, advice, and assistance for years to come. Our short and long-term trade psychology is often times different than talking heads on CNBC and Bloomberg, as their interests are usually 'Buy and Hold' and or influenced by large institutional clientele that are not able to trade due to the large commissions they'd incur. Our Trade Alerts are effective in pegging individual stock option as well as broad market S&P direction for all who aspire to trade S&P e-mini (ES), Gold (GC), and Crude Oil (CL) futures on electronic platforms that charge small fees, giving you a big cost advantage over the traditional stock broker / financial advisor.

We are humbled by your trust and ready for the Q3 battle. Let's Roll Down Wall Street Together~




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