Sunday, September 4, 2011

Capitalist Pig Bob Wants You to Know What Most Remain Silent About; Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Cabinet; the West and Jews Are in the Crosshairs..

The video below is a must watch in my porky opinion (impo),  'butt' especially Jews that vote for democrats. My pig heart hopes that Mr. Tarek's wisdoms jar their collective intellect.

If the stated Muslim Brotherhood's goal is to destroy Israel and the Western Devil, how could they be considered for employment in the White House?

Please listen to the part when Tarek mentions that Jews are being counted at a University in Canada. Could only imagine if this was done with any other religious group?
Some of our 'friends' are afraid of offending anybody, not my pig heart. 
After I learned that Obama has 3 Muslim Brotherhood cabinet members offering policy advice, that made me very upseet.

Capitalist Pig Bob
~Not Silent~

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