Saturday, August 27, 2011

Armed U.S. Marshalls vs Gibson Guitar Co.

Please watch this entire video, there are sound distractions at certain points due to planes over head, but some of the facts and accusations are mind numbing.

Capitalist Pig Bob wanted you to know what kind of anti business current we're up against in an economy that posted Q2 GDP of only 1%; that 1% is after pouring Trillions of dollars of stimulus and bailouts. 

Confiscating $1M worth of wood and jeopardizing 600 jobs in this Memphis, TN Gibson guitar plant is reprehensible. The first raid came in 2009 under Obama and Holder's watch. CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said the final decision of that case is still uncertain as the Department of Justice asked for a 'Stay', so in effect draggng the case on as Gibson's business operations, jobs, and reputation are left hanging in the wings.

The fact Gibson's CEO said any person that resells their guitar in the U.S. could be criminally prosecuted alerts  my pig brain that these sitting Donkeys have their heads stuck inside their asses.

Is the Obama Administration's focus on stalling any recovery in the private sector and awarding more power to the Federal Government, sad reflection what we're up against my pigs and piglets.

Imagine if we were to experience another horrific left field event after the U.S. Gov't overreaches and becomes all powerful, we will lose a lot more than our money.

Anyone against Wall Street or any other private business sector must rethink ASAP. As the saying goes:
 If you don't stand up just because you're not part of the targeted group, in this case Gibson Guitar Co., you may be next...

Thanks, Pig Bob.


Anonymous said...

I love you Pig Bob. Harry in D.C.

Anonymous said...

Gibson's CEO Harry J. could become the Sullenberger poster child for the GOP in '12, go pig bob!

Anonymous said...

great post pig!

Anonymous said...

We knew a guy that made guitars at Gibson way back in 1980's. Thi s is truly sad. J&M

Anonymous said...

I read the string on facebook, what total idiots you have as friends pig. Why are TEA party racists? WTF, my group has 15 blacks and there are just 130 other members. But I am seeing more wise blacks join. Keith in So IL.