Monday, July 4, 2011

Q2's Stock Focus List, Subscription Info, and a Quick Explanation of the Lingering and Global Socioeconomic Dust in the Wind~

Q2's earnings for fiscal 2011 are upon us and here's our  preliminary Focus List: AAPL, AMZNAPKT, CSTR, CME, CRM, FFIV Wednesday, July 20th at 10AM ET, FSLR PFF ratio TA  has been finished ahead of schedule with two trade scenarios (Plan A and Plan B), this alert will be available for puirchase until the day of earnings, GOOG, GS, ILMNNFLX, WFMI, and WTW.

Please be prepared to read through the PFF ratio Trade Alerts and act by market close. You'll have 5 hours until earnings release to place a trade. Please be prepared to read through the PETA's and act on market open or as suggested. 

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PFF ratio Trade Alerts require several 12+ hour days of studying financial statements, rewinding conference calls over and over while taking physical notes, interpreting key news developments, technicals, politics, and the underlying psychology of share price with a forward-looking and often contrarian perspective.

We send every subscriber aggressive, non-biased, intensely researched, educational, and most importantly, profitable Trade Alerts.

POTC remains firmly rooted in more Libertarian principles of fiscal conservative and Darwinian free-market principles: NO useless Govt Agencies, NO bailouts, and NO stimuli.  

We are excited about the 2012 Presidential campaigns and election. We will reveal Capitalist Pig Bob's pigtailed girlfriend Tea Party Sally soon. They are currently vacationing on Maui and we hope to have them back safely before the start of this Quarter. 

Pig Bob believes the U.S. will drown in mediocrity if the Govt's main thrust is Anti-Wall Street and in favor of Unionization. Certain blue states are already feeling the consequences of their stubborn fiscal actions, so we look forward to having Bob and Sally back to offer their savvy political insights.

If you subscribe to a Quarterly or Yearly membership by July 12th, you'll receive the 11 Commandments of aggressive trading, and our #1 stock for the next 12 months.  

Shrewd political forces will continue to influence stock, bond, and futures prices in the weeks and months ahead. These forces will be especially evident as the July 29th GDP Q2 number posts at 9:30AM ET and the August 2nd, debt-ceiling legislation approaches. Every POTC subscriber will be well informed of what our team feels is the trade before and after these events. 

The bloated government Obama has installed ensures longer-term suffering for the private sector. Our Capitalist Pig Bob whole heartedly despises this Administration's economic team as well as the FOMC's insistence on treating U.S. dollars like monopoly money, and a 0% Japanese interest rate policy. 

POTC has consistently blogged that it's not the price of money (interest rates) that are extending the recessions in housing and employment. Rather it is the wounded consumer following the unprecedented stock market, real estate bubble, corporate scandals, and then 9/11 terror. This decade long bad string of events along with the emergence of the Eastern Dragon puts the developed world into a pirated and competitive bind.

The creation of an uneven global manufacturing playing field in terms of slave wages and then pegging of the Chinese Yuan to the U$D is an ongoing socioeconomic cross. How China unwinds this peg and avoids inflation will be a case study for investment finance professors for decades. And if they don't unwind soon enough, any double dips in the U.S. could cause chaos and potential revolution in China as the U.S. is critical to their growth and prosperity.

Other factors like the fall of communism and imported Eastern European hunger for wealth in the 1980s - 2000 caused further economic dislocations, but especially in mortgage/credit. An extremely cheap Eastern European and Mexican work force futher exposed the foundational crack in banking/credit in our opinion.

The Eastern European post-communism hunger for wealth caused many functioning 1,500 - 2,500 sq ft homes to be bull dozed and 5,000+ sq ft dinosaurs erected. This conundrum continues to plague most of the largest state suburbs in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia, California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona, Texas, and other states.

The U.S. is facing a combination of extremely complicated socioeconomic issues in the months ahead. Residential real estate is just one internal economic issue, and the manufacturing labor cost disfference with China is a full-blown macro crisis in our opinion.

The average Chinese manufacturing wage is somewhere around $2.50/hour compared to the U.S.'s $15.00/hour. Hence the 600% difference with the Yuan/U$D pegged currencies is reason for worry for U.S. as well as China. Something has to give and the real estate and credit recessionary months ahead will be more difficult than the previous couple years.

Yet the S&P went from a low of 666 to 1,361 as these structural problems persist.

Many subscribers to this blog enjoy the one-on-one trading advice and assistance via e-mail. POTC's goal is very aggressive and profitable trade suggestions. Every subscriber receives the 11 Commandments that cover key investment wisdoms in traditional as well as individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The 11 Commandments are not monolithic like most 'buy & hold' brokers and suits at the widely respected Wall Street firms and cable stations. In addition, the 11 Commandments are updated at least once a Q with "lessons learned".

Successful aggressive traders must be nimble and defensive, two traits that are easy to forget when human greed, money, and pride are on the line. We promise to always give strict parameters for taking profits and accepting losses.

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