Friday, May 20, 2011

OVTI Trade Alert Closed for Purchase ..

The PFF ratio TA for OVTI was sent to all subscribers.  Company releases Q4, 2011 results after market close today. This TA is no longer available through PayPal. 
Here is a link to the conference call and a free technical look, please click here. If you're interested in the next quarter's  option trade write-ups, beginning in July, please purchase a subscription at a 25% discount through Monday.

Thank You and Here's to Defeating Barack Obama in 2012, the United States Deserves So Much Better.

~Capitalist Pig Bob~


Anonymous said...

THNAKS for CRM! Keith and Betty.

Anonymous said...

Please send early if possible, Im 11 hours in front of you. W.Xi

Anonymous said...

VERY nice work potc! Adam:)

Anonymous said...

also thot the piece was great- Raj.