Sunday, February 27, 2011

Human Genome (HGSI) Option Trade Alert Sent ..

We've sent our aggressive option Trade Alert (TA) ahead of the FDA's March 10th Benlysta decision today.

If you're not a subscriber yet, just use the Paypal link in the right margin and take your first step to what will be an educational and sometimes very profitable experience.

Whether amateur or expert in trading stock options or futures, we promise to pleasantly surprise you through the quality & quantity of our services. We use several paid services as well as trusted friends/sources in the investment banking and biotech industries.

Our team is tilted fiscal conservative, Independent, and Tea Party. We have blogged against Obama's bigger government and higher tax agenda before 90%+ of blogs and mass media outlets. Since Obama's true stripes have become crystal clear in favor of more regulations, fees, and taxes, we have chosen to tone down our criticism and focus on sending very aggressive & profitable stock option trades.

'Butt' our fattest Political Correspondent, Capitalist Pig Bob on Facebook, reminds us the 2012 U.S. Presidential election is just 20 months away; one of our duties must be to keep noses to the grindstone and inform of the good, bad, & ugly candidates as they announce ...

The Psychology of the Call blog team (POTC) promises to keep you plugged in to the politics of money & banking as they evolve through a very heated 2012 campaign. The paradigm of capitalism is changing as more emerging market economies attempt to mimic America's free-market system. This is causing a major finacial migraine for the U.S.A., yet we believe this is a cyclical macro socioeconomic phenomenon that was destined to toll.

What a time to be alive. Best Wishes for a Happy & Healthy Spring Ahead,

~Let's Roll Down Wall Street Together~ 

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Silverhawk5 said...

I hope they don't announce the decision before wed.

Looking forward to it!