Saturday, October 16, 2010

An overnight return of 1,000%-plus? Is that possible?

The answer is an emphatic "YES", ALL gloating aside. Yet POTC strictly counts on referrals, no advertising and spam emails like Jim Cramer's or Motley Fools.

Our PFF ratio option Trade Alert on Google (GOOG) sent to all subscribers on Thursday morning recommended the purchase of OCT $570 CALLs. GOOG released a tremendous earnings report -as we suggested - and the stock price climbed $60 Friday. (Click the image to increase the size)

Subscribers booked profits of at least 1,000%, some made 1,450%, all depending on when they bought and sold. (Click the image to below increase the size)

Our next PFF ratio Trade Alert will be released next week.

Please use the PayPal button to the right and sign up for the next Year for $1,200 or the next 5 Trade Alerts for $400.

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