Friday, September 24, 2010

Calling Out Rick Santelli and Larry Kudlow; Capitalistic Paradox and Ruse is Upon 'US' ..

It is blatantly obvious the Obama Administration's plan is to destroy free-market capitalism by using the phony stock market move to solidify midterm democratic control.

We argue Obama needs one-term to wreck the private sector economy from perhaps no return, as two more socialist agenda lie in the wings. We sure hope we're not the only ones catching the the whiff of this plastic midterm election S&P pump higher. Please read on ...

POTC is 90% convinced the last several equity -out of nowhere/pivot type moves- S&P 1,040 level - 1,105, and today's S&P 1,124 - 1,149 have been orchestrated by the FOMC or Treasury buying S&P futures contracts with either stimulus money or paradoxically with billions in TARP payback funds from the big "bad" banks of GS, JPM, BAC, etc etc ..

Treasonous activity if it helps even 1 democrat win in the November midterms, Capitalist Pig Bob says Yes. And if it aids the democrats to retain control of both houses, will you just stand by?

A U.S. veteran and POTC subscriber suggested pitchforks and a revolution could ignite if news breaks about the FOMC propping up the S&P ahead of the pivotal midterm elections, you?

Since the Obama Administration is facing 10% unemployment and a stagnant housing market going into the November midterms, the only possibility they have literally lies in "It's the stock market, Stupid".  After all, we know nearly 70% of Americans' wealth is tied to the S&P/equity market.

Synthetically propping up stock prices by using S&P futures could make the American masses happy and cause them to cast their votes for another fiscal liberal instead of a fiscal conservative.

Do you not see why we believe these are treasonous policies by the FOMC and under the watchful eye of the Obama Administration to maintain control/power?

Cap & Trade and Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) could be months away as the S&P fools most who are unsophisticated in realizing the government is manipulating S&P futures to their political advantage. This is definitely not "for the people or by the people".

It's likely Obama and his players use this plastic stock market move, from U.S. tax payer money nonetheless, to stump for votes in the days and weeks ahead, caution.

POTC is saddened that neither Rick Santelli and or Larry Kudlow have not exposed this dangerous paradigm for the future of "free-market capitalism" as we knew it.

Thank You, we ask you to pass this piece on to as many news agencies, friends and family as possible.

The Psychology of the Call team with special thanks to Steve B.


Anonymous said...

Noticed the synthetic fakes in the s/p, very obvious aft asia was down, euros down, and we were up. Tepper should be investigated, seems he was tipped off? good work. jim w.

Anonymous said...

lawrence is an Obama sellout, at least a greed-god sellout in my opinion - Keith77