Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Deutsche Bank (DB) Prints 52-Week Low; Caution to ALL Jim Cramer Bulls ...

POTC views the fact Germany's DB collapsed to 52-week low today and major U.S. banks like GS, JPM, and BAC have not participated in this S&P rally from 1,040 - 1,150 as a short-term negative; in the least.

The fact financials have not participated is something to take note of, hence we mentioned Jim Cramer, who continues to think Barack Obama and Bernanke are market friendly?

We vehemently disagree the latest policies are anything but long-term market friendly, as there will be a huge amount of political debris to tackle ahead; regardless of who wins the November mids.

Our team understands the latest rally has been driven by an "in the clouds" type of tech-phoria.

Do we buy it here, no way. Do we think cloud computing will be a profitrable long-term trend? Only with the right stocks ....

Pictured to the right are Deutsche Bank's Twin Towers in Frankfurt Germany. A sad day for all DB employees as shares slide to new 52-week lows.

Wonder whether Jim Cramer will mention this huge development? After all, DB has been a stock he has been recommending.

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