Friday, August 6, 2010

Updates on CREE Complete; Position Closed, Failure Target Triggered ..

We sent the Quick-Zoom-Psycho (QZP) option Trade Alert on CREE to all subscribers Tuesday, August 10th at 11 AM ET.

The QZP is the little cousin of our in-depth Psychological Financial Fusion (PFF ratio) option Trade Alert performed on Generals like: AAPL, AMZN, BIDU, CME, FSLR, GOOGGS, ISRG, PCLN, and other liquid names during the height of the earnings season.

Q3 will begin the first week in October with 5 PFF ratio Trade Alerts. POTC will issue our Focus List of companies in mid September; it will include at least 8 names in order to avoid conflicts of two stocks reporting the same day.

Here's the link to CREE's fiscal 2010 Q4 conference call 

Here's the last SEC Form 10-K filed by CREE in August of 2009 (annual report)

POTC Welcomes Every New Subscriber With Open Arms,
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Anonymous said...

cree has been ceazy volatile, g'luck!! zafreen:))

Anonymous said...

I worked for Cree in NC for 2 years. Ready to read your analysis. Vipan G.