Friday, May 14, 2010

S&P Directional Alerts Sent Every Sunday at 9 PM ET

The Psychology of the Call team (POTC) is excited to announce S&P Directional Alerts based on our Psychological Financial Fusion ratio (PFF ratio) beginning May 23 at 9PM ET.

We understand many of you trade the S&P, whether leveraging E-mini futures contracts or through the cash traded SPY.

We are confident you will find these Direction Alerts valuable in addition to the stock option Trade Alerts.

If you don't trade the S&P directly, anticipating market direction is one of the most important factors that effects your profit and loss line from day to day and week to week.
POTC will continue to add services that are time-sensitive for the aggressive trader. Long-term investors will also find these services helpful as the market never goes in a straight line, yet most traditional financial advisors continue to push buy and hold.

Though we believe there is a place to buy, hold, and reinvest dividends in your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) and traditional cash account, we also know market timing is a deadly good tool very few traditional investors ever advantage.

Congratulations to all who were short the S&P after that 400+ Dow Jones Industrial short covering rally on Monday, May, 10. We were forceful in the quantity and tone of bearishness all week; several POTC subs expressed their gratitude and we are humbled by the complimentary e-mails.

Though we also called the greenback and crude oil correctly (dollar higher and oil lower), we chose to pool our forward-looking wisdoms and focus on short-term (weekly) direction of the S&P.

Quarterly and Yearly subscribers should look-forward to reviewing and profiting from our S&P Directional Alerts every Sunday at 9PM ET.

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Anonymous said...

A great idea potc guys. I made very nice return on your FFIV and SPY calls this week. Sidiq

Anonymous said...

I actually missed FFIV, lost on MELI and didn't trade SPY. The indexes are where the money is at imo. -Fast Money watcher and potc reader-

Anonymous said...

If I joined 1 year today, would I get new services included or you charge extra? thanx ..Ted

Anonymous said...

Ted, I am sure they answered your q, I am very happy with their way of teaching and communicating. sanjaj g {:))

Anonymous said...

I received this e-mail and liked the material, trades, and video at the end. Am very happy with your hard work. Aardash, Chicago, Ill.