Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Option Trade Alert for Research in Motion With Post CC Commentary Added ...

Post Report Analysis:
POTC believes RIMM will miss its Q1 guidance by a country mile, it makes very little sense for them to have guided so high, none. We stand behind our June $65 put recommendation. RIMM missed pre-announced Q4 sales guidance just a couple weeks before Q4 ended ($4.1B - $4.3B), actual Q4 sales were $4.08B. Now we're supposed to believe their forward Q1 global growth assumption that'll drive $4.2B - $4.4B in sales? And WHY is RIMM addressing 2011 when we know they had problems guiding us a few weeks before the end of this last Q4? Here are two conference call blurbs  we find executively funny: *DJ RIM: Tremendous Opportunity For Sustained Growth In FY2011. AND *DJ RIM's Balsillie: "We've Had Competitors Come And Go"
POTC doesn't envision AAPL and GOOG, armed with nearly $25B each to go anywhere. And WHY is Balsillie and his family dumping shares as a very large share buyback is in force? RIMM bought back 12.3M, or $775M worth of stock in the last Q, and that added $.03 to that $1.27 bottom line. Our dilemma is Balsillie selling shares while dismissing AAPL and GOOG as competitors that'll just "go away"? Perhaps Canadian business psychology is different than the U.S.

Co-CEO's pictured on Blackberry are Balsillie and Lazaridis from left to right.

RIMM execs are either misleading analysts or POTC is spending 10 - 18 hours a day researching on a single brain cell, you decide. For a free and ongoing technical opinion on RIMM via e-mail, click here and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I say buy it up to $100. AH Trader

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping another homerun like BIDU guys. Ann and Keith

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to it. Very educational and entertaining. I've read your blog since 2008.
Best, Avi

Anonymous said...

Co-Ceo's Basillie and Lazaridis dumping stock while a buyback is in force. Sell this pig.

Anonymous said...

Actually only the bald guy is shown dumping a TON. Get the analysis/report, well worth it.