Wednesday, February 10, 2010

POTC's Option Trade Alert for First Solar (FSLR) is Coming Soon ...

POTC is working on our proprietary Psychological Financial Fusion (PFF ratio) option trade analysis for FSLR. We will send an in depth time-sensitive email to all subscribers on Thursday, February 18th, at 3:30pm ET.
E-mail: with "FSLR" in the subject line if interested.
Time and price are key to your success in trading stock options, as well as strict adherence to POTC's 11 Commandments.

The PFF ratio incorporates analysis fusing micro and macro trends, backward and forward-looking in reagrds to: technicals, fundamentals, as well as politics. 33.333% of the ratio is charting.
Sincere thanks to every person who expressed appreciation through emails in regards to: GOOG, CME, and BIDU, as well as to our Chief Political Correspondent on Facebook, Capilatist Pig Bob.

Without your appreciation and support of our only sponsor, our efforts would  become dull and muted.
Please find 2 minutes in your day to watch the timely video on market direction from our technical partners in the left margin.

We believe the video is heartfelt and professional,  and we agree with Adam's historical and directional analysis regarding the Dow Jones Industrail Average.
Live CC link to FSLR's Q4 2009 earnings presentation scheduled for: Thurs, Feb., 18th at 4:30ET:

First Solar, Inc.
Jens Meyerhoff: Chief Financial Officer
Larry Polizzotto:VP of Investor Relations

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