Sunday, January 3, 2010

Looking Ahead to 2010 .. ...

January 2010 Holidays and Events
•January 18 (Monday), Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 2010 Holidays and Events
•Black History Month (U.S.)
February 7 (Sunday), Super Bowl XLIV (Miami)
•February 12 (Friday), Lincoln’s Birthday (U.S.)
February 12 (Friday), Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games (through February 28)
•February 14 (Sunday), Valentine's Day
•February 14 (Sunday), Chinese New Year
February 14 (Sunday), Daytona 500
•February 16 (Tuesday), President’s Day (Washington's Birhtday observed, U.S.)
•February 16 (Tuesday), Mardi Gras
•February 17 (Wednesday), Ash Wednesday
March 2010 Holidays and Events
•March 7 (Sunday), Academy Awards
•March 12 (Friday), Vancouver 2010 Paralympic (through March 21)
March 14 (Sunday), Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 a.m. (U.S.)
•March 14 (Sunday), Mothering Day, UK
•March 17 (Wednesday), St. Patrick’s Day
•March 18 (Thursday), Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, through March 20)
•March 30 (Tuesday), Passover (begins at sundown the previous day)
April 2010 Holidays and Events
•April 1 (Thursday), Holy Thursday
•April 2 (Friday), Good Friday
April 3, 5 (Saturday, Monday), Final Four (Indianapolis, IN at Butler University)
•April 4 (Sunday), Easter
•April 5 (Monday), Easter Monday (UK, Canada)
April 5 (Monday), Masters Tournament (Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia, USA, through April 11)
•April 11 (Sunday), Holocaust Remembrance Day
•April 21 (Wednesday), Administrative Professionals Day
•April 29 (Thursday), Golden Week (Japan, through May 5)
May 2010 Holidays and Events
May 1 (Saturday), Kentucky Derby
•May 3 (Monday), May Day Holiday (UK)
•May 5 (Wednesday), Cinco de Mayo
•May 9 (Sunday), Mother’s Day
•May 12 (Wednesday), Cannes Film Festival (through May 23)
•May 24 (Monday), Victoria Day (Canada, Scotland)
May 30 (Sunday), Indianapolis 500
•May 31 (Monday), Memorial Day (U.S.)
June 2010 Holidays and Events
June 11 (Friday), 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, Match Schedule (Final Match in Johannesburg, through July 11)
•June 20 (Sunday), Father’s Day
June 21 (Monday), Wimbledon 2010 (through July 4)
July 2010 Holidays and Events
•July 1 (Thursday), Canada Day (Canada)
•July 4 (Sunday), Independence Day (U.S.)
•July 6 (Tuesday), Running of the Bulls in Pamplona (through July 14)
July 11 (Sunday), British Open 2010 (St. Andrews, Scotland, through July 18)
•July 13 (Tuesday), 2009 MLB All Star Game (Angel Stadium, Los Angeles)
•July 14 (Wednesday), Bastille Day (France)
August 2010 Holidays and Events
•August 15 (Sunday) Ferragosto, (Italy)
•August 11 (Wednesday), Ramadan (begins at sunset the previous day, through September 10)
•August 30 (Monday), Summer Bank Holiday (UK, Ireland)
September 2010 Holidays and Events
•September 5 (Sunday), Father’s Day (Australia, New Zealand)
•September 6 (Monday), Labor Day (U.S. and Canada)
•September 9 (Thursday), Rosh Hashanah (begins at sundown the previous day)
September 11 (Saturday) 9th Anniversary of World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks
•Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15-October 15 (U.S.)
•September 18 (Monday), Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany (ends Oct 3)
•September 18 (Saturday), Yom Kippur (begins at sundown the previous day)
•September 24 (Friday), La MercĂ© (Barcelona, Spain)
October 2010 Holidays and Events
•October 1 (Friday), Ryder Cup 2010 (Celtic Manor Resort, City of Newport, Wales, through October 3)
•October 11 (Monday), Columbus Day
•October 11 (Monday), Thanksgiving (Canada)
•October 31 (Sunday), Halloween
November 2010 Holidays and Events
November 7 (Sunday), Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m.
November 9 (Tuesday), Election Day (U.S.)
•November 11 (Thursday), Veterans Day (U.S.)
•November 11 (Thursday), Remembrance Day (UK, Canada)
•November 25 (Thursday), Thanksgiving (U.S.)
December 2010 Holidays and Events
•December 2 (Thursday), Hanukkah (begins at sundown the previous day)
•December 25 (Saturday), Christmas
•December 26 (Sunday), Kwanzaa
•December 28 (Tuesday), Boxing Day (UK, Canada, Ireland)
•January 1, 2011 (Saturday), New Year’s Day

Another year passes, the Psychology of the Call team along with Capitalist Pig Bob hopes you were the best you in every situation and moment in 2010!
Someone once said, "Life shouldn't be judged by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away".
We hope your 2011 has more positive surprises in store than 2010 ...

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