Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Paradox of the First Half Black U.S. President ..

Capitalist Pig Bob (CPB) is saddened President Obama's actions have been so partisan and blatantly Un-American. His attempts to dilute the free-market system are dangerously irresponsible and bewildering, especially since he is the first half black U.S. president.

Whether through insistence on bigger gov't, higher taxes for successful business owners, gov't dabbling in private health care, Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), or Cap and Trade (levying unnecessary taxes on businesses, giving polluting countries great cost and hence pricing advantage). Obama is directly infringing on what enabled the United States to lead in nearly every  business sector on earth: Free-Market Entrepreneurship!

The fiber of this great land is being stained and torn. The elemental part of every American man and woman is our ability to dream. Dream of big success in family life (spiritual), health, and wealth, with the least amount of reliance on gov't as possible.

Yet Obama's behavior, time after time, insists gov't is the solution to all our current and future problems. There has been no precedent anywhere in history a more centralized (larger) gov't has contributed to free-market/private sector growth, on the contrary. Thus Obama's bigger gov't aspirations are very worrisome to the disenchanted citizens who insist the gov't stop bullying the private sectors of the economy.     

With all due respect, besides his stance on late-term abortion, Obama cannot be as cold, ignorant and dangerous as his early anti free-market policy actions reveal. Though it's difficult to argue otherwise as he insists on being apologetic to world leaders who would love to see us fail. Shame on President Obama, but especially his black side, as black families are not only very supportive of life, but they love to reap the fruits of free-market capitalism, agree?

President Obama should begin to realize how his black ancestry suffered through 300 years of slavery, indirectly due to the type of control behavior and lack of individual freedoms he is pushing to legislate. Concentrated power opened the door to a small group of mad men from Spain, France, and England, who quickly took advantage and crushed an innocent group of people their ability to dream and attain capital. Dreams of success in family life, health, and wealth were muted. What is President Obama missing about the socioeconomic evolution of the United States of America?

President Ronald Reagan explains what many are starting to understand is a very sad paradox of this first half black U.S. president. Please have a listen to this entire speech, but especially at 2 min 30 seconds, see whether you feel President Obama should listen to these words over and over and over, until they register black & white, before finally becoming - Milton Friedman - crystal clear:


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Hey Bob, this piece is one of your best. I thank you for writing the facts most people either do not know or do not to admit knowing.