Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Is Pres Obama a Closet Cowboy Capitalist, or will He Turn out to be Exactly what His Early Policy Actions Reveal...

The Psychology of the Call team (POTC) has been wrestling with President Obama's motivations of late, especially since his policies have been so anti-capitalism and anti-constitution. His actions have forced us to come up with excuses as to why he can't be so ignorant and dangerous, yet the strict constitutionalists and fiscal conservatives like our Capitalist Pig Bob make no excuses and are very concerned.

POTC hopes there remains a rational explanation for protectionsist policies that many highly regarded fiscal conservatives like Steve Forbes may be missing, and it centers around the end game of leveling the manufacturing cost rift with China. IF Obama's goal is to bring change to China by stoking a solidarity type labor revolution, then POTC will backtrack and apologize for our short sightedness and opposition. POTC believes inhumane treatment and wages in China must not be tolerated. America's slippage of becoming a society reliant on WalMart is real, and it's occurring on the backs' of the hard working Chinese...

IF Obama is a true socialist at heart, he did a good job of not hiding that fact in his dealings with Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Russia in regards to the missile defense shield: He picked Russia. That action was a gigantic slap in the face, especially to the Poles, who have been one of America's most devoted and strongest allies in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Be it known, the Polish contingency has managed/overseen 12 countries in the southern part of Iraq. Here's a socialist rant minimizing Poland's contribution, and now Obama seems to be in agreement: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2003/aug2003/pola-a07.shtml
Perhaps a good reason the Polish President did not answer Hillary Clinton's phone call just last weekend.
Capitalist Pig Bob thinks Obama is a complete fool who will go down as a one-termer, yet POTC is holding out some dim, perhaps dumb hope Obama's goal is to level the manufacturing cost conundrum between U.S. and China, which would help bring back U.S. manufacturing.
IF Obama is able to bring great fiscal and social change, it'll be marked by a Chinese labor revolution that leads to higher living standards for the average Chinese man and woman, yet the pain of these ongoing policies on U.S. consumers and investors will loom large. And the debate on whether Obama is a closet cowboy capitalist or socialist will only get louder. We will be monitoring developments closely, especially  related to China, Russia, Israel, and Iran...

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Anonymous said...

Now that's what I'm talking about!
I love your work fellas.
Jim the Greek

Anonymous said...

closet cowboy. Voted for him and while I read your blog, I like Obama still..

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Anonymous said...

A fascinating take. Def better than the other bloggers I've followed. Very nice arguments.

Anonymous said...

Obama could care less about easter europe, and I see him wrong there. Russia is still big bear imo, and if they see a chance to "tank" neighbors, they will during Obama. Obama is weak on natl defense. The Russian mob is dancing and drinking extra vodka every night, as Reagan spins in his casket.
Yuri from Long Island