Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monitoring the Earnings of the Mosaic Comapany (MOS)

Quick example of our Sunday analysis sent out to all subscribers in the "Psychology of the Upcoming Data": The Mosaic Company (MOS), Q3 '09, earnings per share are estimated at $.27/share. Year ago same quarter MOS earned $1.07/share. Revenues are estimated to come in at 1.89B, year ago they were 2.15B. 52 week high for MOS is $163, and the low of $22 printed 4 months ago. Currently MOS is trading at $45.64 and although MOS is in a good sector, agricultural chemicals, we would not recommend conservative traders go long ahead of report. IF shares pulled back sharply post report, as occurred with APOL last week, we'd consider buying MOS after it stabilized. MOS has benefited from the resiliency in the broad market bear rally lately. We predict MOS revisits the high $30's before it breaks half a hundred, caution.


Anonymous said...

It was very good analysis, but I did not take advice. You and your team have been doing well. Go potc.

Anonymous said...

An awesome job on Mosaic, simply incredible. Shelly and Frank T.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind words, we will continue to bring more lucid forward-looking advice to all subscribers.