Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Media Reporting Seems Clueless to Dirty Politics, POTC's CPB Smelled Rats since Day 1...

Mexican people side with Capitalist Pig Bob, ""Nobody believes the government anymore," said Edgar Rocha, a 28-year-old office messenger. He said the lack of information is sowing distrust: "You haven't seen a single interview with the sick! Mexico's Agriculture Department said Monday that inspectors found no sign of swine flu among pigs around the farm in Veracruz, and that no infected pigs have been found yet anywhere in Mexico.": http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/lt_swine_flu_mexico Drudge Report hedging bogus reporting from a picture of a wild pig attacking a human on Friday, to this evening's toned down images... POTC has sent Drudge countless e-mails, perhaps his people are realizing their political ignorance on the nuances of governments' abilities to influence fiscal policies through sympathetic social issues. Is Capitalist Pig Bob the lone citizen that is suspicious with Mexico suddenly shifting the war on drugs to the war on swine flu/pigs? Why are most of the deaths young adults and not older people with compromised immune systems, are the deaths possibly related to simple or adulterated drug overdoses? How many pigs have died of in Mexico? Also, out of those 100+ human deaths in Mexico, how many were autopsied by independent U.S. doctor(s)? CPB stresses there are ZERO deaths in U.S. from swine flu. Even though CPB respects the struggling good natured Mexican people, he doubts ANY gov't statistics that flow from that country. Many news outlets are being super irresponsible. CPB expects luberal portals like Huffington post (for 3 year olds and under) not to question these politically motivated ploys. It's shocking the Drudge Report has swallowed this fiscally driven pork story, hook, line and sinker. CPB won't be surprised IF socialistically bent countries like Spain begin reporting deaths and blowing these strange events out of proportion. Drudge Report is unknowingly spreading propoganda since friday in favor of Obama's big government agenda. USDA and FDA expansion imminent with such naive reporting. From banking, to autos, to health care, to energy through Cap & Trade, to unionization through EFCA, to now agriculture through expanding USDA controls and costs to farmers who have done NOTHING wrong. The irony is the Drudge Report is a highly regarded conservative portal, perhaps this social issue was too big for them to understand it may actually be a politically motivated fiscal matter. Were Obama and Clinton not politicking with Felipe Calderon in Mexico recently? Did Obama not address expanding food safety laws just ahead of his visit with Calderon? Was Mexico not having severe policing issues with drug lords lately? Perhaps the bird flu scare had some motive with elephants who profited like Don Rumsfeld, and now donkeys have found their beast of burden in the swine, you decide, as CPB smelled these political rats since Day 1.


Anonymous said...

I like Barack, yet I read your blog.
Ross W.

Anonymous said...

Your Cap Pig Bob was more right than we initially thought, story just broke:
Steve and Amy Prentice

Anonymous said...

Very impressive crap, and I do believe this flu was a bunch of crap. Shows how stupid the most educated people can be imo. Also shows how political greed exceeds social ethics.
Maureen and Tom