Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Clear Plan of Control through Gov't Regulation, Perhaps; Capitalist Pig Bob Was Not Polled, You?

WASHINGTON (AFP)--Americans have twice as much faith in President Barack Obama's handling of the economy than they do in Republican plans to end the recession, according to polls published this week. Nearly six in 10 Americans - 58% of respondents - said the president has "a clear plan for solving the country's economic problems," while 42% said he does not, according to a poll by CNN and the Opinion Research Corporation polling firm released Tuesday. But only about a quarter - 24% - said Republicans have a clear plan for the economy. The poll pointed to significant public support for Obama as he attempts to piece together an economic rescue "puzzle" that justified unpopular bailouts for the banking and finance industries. The Republican opposition, still reeling from devastating losses in the 2008 elections, voted against the president's 2010 budget. Despite the apparent animosity between Republicans and the White House, 62% of respondents said Obama was "doing enough to cooperate with the Republicans in Congress," compared to 37% for Republican cooperation with Obama. In a separate poll, conducted by Gallup and released Monday, 71% of Americans said they have a "great deal" or a "fair amount" of confidence in Obama to do or recommend the right thing for the economy." Congressional leaders, especially Republicans, do not enjoy the same public confidence. Democrats were also not spared in the survey. Some 51% said they had a "great deal" or a "fair amount" of confidence in Democratic leaders on the economy, compared to just 38% for Republican leaders. The Gallup poll of 1,027 people was conducted April 6-9. CNN surveyed 1,023 people by telephone April 3-5, and its poll had an error margin of three percentage points. The surveys came as Obama said Tuesday he saw "glimmers of hope" for the American economy, which is battling its deepest economic slump in decades, but also warned of painful choices and more deep job cuts to come. Click here to go to Dow Jones NewsPlus, a web front page of today's most important business and market news, analysis and commentary: http://www.djnewsplus.com/access/al?rnd=tttPu7foH6mxFOSPPy0mpw%3D%3D. You can use this link on the day this article is published and the following day. (END) Dow Jones Newswires April 14, 2009 14:29 ET (18:29 GMT) Copyright (c) 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.- - 02 29 PM EDT 04-14-09

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