Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner = No Change

Is Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner able to offer the true change mechanic the banking system and American consumer so desperately desires? POTC feels Geithner would be more successful and trustworthy IF he admitted policy mistakes under the elephant regime he was a part of. Perhaps he should take a more independent (I) path instead of becoming lost in the herd mentality stinkin'-thinkin' animalistic type behavior. It's clear the scare tactics of printing money which began on the ousted elephants' watch are being exacerbated by the change donkeys; this cannot be effective in building positive consumer and bank lending sentiment dear Mr. Geithner. POTC sees acceleration of the same old same old, NOT the promised change. Real change would be stopping the problems that got us into this sink hole in the first place, not throwing good money after bad dear sir Mr. Treasury Timothy Geithner. Spending trillions of virgin greenbacks in such a short time is asinine, and AIG is but one example you have failed us. POTC would much rather put the so-called systematic risk failure scenario to the test at this point, instead of accepting the inevitable fade to black, dark death by dollars fate. Perhaps the so-called systematic risks are merely scare tactics in order for the two party animal system to maintain control? Anyone who voted for Obama or McCain and takes the time to reread Senator Ron Paul's politics has to feel disturbed. Here's why we feel the way we do about Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, you decide where the change lies:


Anonymous said...

Only excellent.

Anonymous said...

It seems POTC is making a lot of wrong calls on trade lately. The SRS trade is losing money everyday. Maybe POTC should just stick to pure blogging rather than recommending trade.

Anonymous said...

I agree, POTC is loosing money while I am making. When POTC says buy then I will sell. Long live the Obama rally!