Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Wretched Sentiment

Somber Friday greetings,
We are frustrated.
Investor confusion couldn't be at higher levels. The talking heads are screaming oversold, oversold, oversold, convincing even us to step into this big govt mess. Lucid analysis exposes the clear paradigm shift upon us: help the losers at the expense of the winners.
We must not be ashamed to highlight the pitfalls of a big govt. President Sir Obama, please, please, please, step aside from your dangerous ideology: you are heading down a dead end Street. You will not defeat capitalism in one-term.
POTC bought puts on First Solar (FSLR) this morning, as we do not believe any sector is immune to Obama's reach or regulation. Whether right or wrong on individual stock picks, we have big respect for often-bashed Jim Cramer of late. He has in fact spoken out colorfully against what he believes is an attack on capitalism from this change administration.
The Psychology of the Call team wishes all forward-thinkers a nice weekend. Take care of yourselves, friends, and loved ones as difficult as it may be in all this confusion.

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