Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ridin' the Rails on a Downbound Train

The Psychology of the Call (POTC) team is very disturbed by the recent economic, financial, and political storms. None of the living has witnessed such a market, and even the free market guys on Wall Street, who are 80% responsible, are pointing fingers at each other. Their pig headedness in not addressing the issue of imbalanced sheets sooner earns them the title of investment bank boneheads, especially the Brothers Lehman and John Thain's bull no more, Merrill Lynch. Their days of levering up 30-1 are over, and the last two remaining U.S. Investment Banks, GS & MS, have been forced in line with the rest of the Bank Holding Cos., a sweet reality for many Americans, yet a sour long-term reality for lovers of liquidity, volatility, options, risk and fast money ~
The equity market will hiccup from this oversold position after the billion dollar D.C. legislation is signed. But caution is warranted as the market could...
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Anonymous said...

Any "fast money" ideas after a day like today?

Anonymous said...

Yes, spoke with institutional sources that have communication lines to Frank and Dodd, and they have us convinced good things will happen tomorrow. Buy the S&P and dollar cost down or up throughout tomorrow, the close will have you smiling.