Saturday, August 9, 2008

Psychology of the Upcoming Week's Earnings and Economic Data

Good Saturday to all. Allow us to begin on this Olympic weekend by offering our sincere best wishes to the Chinese hosts and to all the countries participating in the Beijing Olympic games. Let the games begin! Now on to the Psychology of the coming week’s earnings and economic data Monday, August 11th has no economic data scheduled. We don't expect the market to behave as it did Friday, when the rally was driven by the strong greenback, which in turn pushed the oil bulls over the cliff. POTC did predict the Beijing starter's pistol marking the end of the massive Olympic build out/strain on crude oil and many other natural resources. Now that shot is being heard by all as it reverberates throughout global financial markets, but... ------------ If you would like to receive this and future posts and market analysis, please send an e-mail to and make sure that your e-mail client will not consider messages from that address as spam.


Anonymous said...

The Georgian conflict with Russia could spread, any thoughts? BTW, am short the S&P on your recommendation ..

Anonymous said...

Dave F.

Anonymous said...

POTC is also short the S&P emini contract. There is an oil pipeline at issue supposedly, and with Iran and Turkey bordering Georgia, there is good reason for concern. Perhaps an Israeli strike against Iran is more likely during the distraction of the Olympics and now this Russian offensive on Georgia? We will not cover our S&P short position too quickly, as these types of geo-political tensions could spread into bordering nations, but especially Iran and Turkey. Remember, a good part of Georgia is Muslim, so the religious fanatics could begin crossing borders into Georgia to aid in fighting.